feeling like floating in bed

Next I took a flight, I was fine the portal exploding took the floating away until… oh yes until I had to fly back into time from Brazil to Seattle. My relative has a problem. We will get through this, we just gotta talk about it! For ANYONE struggling with the symptoms mentioned above, I would highly suggest going to an ear specialist (NOT AND ENT) who can test for high inner ear fluid. Wat my pics? So glad. Spiritual crisis (also called “spiritual emergency”) is a form of identity crisis where an individual experiences drastic changes to their meaning system (i.e., their unique purposes, goals, values, attitude and beliefs, identity, and focus) typically because of a spontaneous spiritual experience. Hope that helps! I only went to one for 1 month and It did help but i felt it came to a stand still. thank you so much for explaining this. I then made an appointment for a psychologist. It is extremely strange, but it leads me to believe that there is some problem in the area of my neck. Sorry this was a very long comment and a mini life story, but I need to write it down somewhere where people might understand. I have had symptoms for about 3 years, (sensation of rocking, bobbing, floating, feeling of walking on a mattress, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, intense sensation of strong booming heart beat, head fog, difficulty walking in the dark, among others). A lot of neck conditions can make these symptoms of dizziness like when your neck is tight, is cuts the flow of the vestibular system or your Altlas (C1) can be out of alignment or the sternocleidomastoid muscle in front of your neck can have trigger points of knots and it gives those vertigo problems. how has everyone been doing? I was wondering if this ever got resolved for you. I wouldn’t leave the house. Hi Kat. These doctors have no idea whats going on. I also am battling this anxiety/floating sensation. I did not believe this would be the case, as it does feel so much like a physical problem. My ears don’t block frequently but they do block and I’ve always attributed that to my jaw tension. i’d like to update on here about how i’m coping. In fact, I would recommend EDMR or Somatic Experiencing before I would recommend hypnosis, though I know hypnosis works for some. that is when I panicked. It has helped me so much, turning it from something to fear and obsess about into something positive that helps me get the best out of life. They are saying it’s that I’m observing a lot of things. Thank you JB for your comment and offering hope to others. You want to talk about stress and pressure!!! – I wanted to and did tell doctors I was dizzy, but I don’t consider this as dizziness, the room has never spun! Weed helps me calm my nerves after a day of stress at work and slowly get into the editing mood. I had my first ever anxiety attack when I was smoking marijuana and I had smoked a year prior. Your body, and/or the inside of your body, feels like it is swaying, rocking, or floating. i really feel alone. Believe it or not, they say a lot of people who have this “floating” feeling, actually have underlying ear problems. It’s area in the brain is the back /stem where trauma is stored we may not recall the trauma or know what trauma is bothering us but our brain does… We will experience triggers whether it’s smells an event that reminds us maybe colors or someone’s walk etc anything then depersonalization occurs . With all of this going on in my body I have been believing that there is an underlying cause for my “floating” sensation and that someone would discover the missing link with my health. The reality is the floating is a sensation as pins and needles is a sensation you get when your foot falls asleep. When that didn’t happen, I faced the idea that I may have this for the rest of my life. My symptoms varied along the way. Still having some connection with my head and body, but it feels like the connection is "stretched", like I'm feeling/thinking through the wrong end of a telescope/microscope and either my mind or my body feels really small and/or far far away. Most of my tension is in my shoulders, neck, jaw and head so that is where I feel the floating the most. They still remember the extraordinary feeling of the warm, flexible bed. Hey dude…mine also started from drugs..do you think it’s permament? Hi Eden. Meditation also helped me to calm down and lessen my anxiety. R: Desensitization is when you put yourself in safe situations to get used to the floating sensation. My body/brain will not allow me to accept the sensations. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I also feel tired and heavy headed. Don't worry you won't die from it. It gets worse as the day goes by. We have both taken 2 rounds of med’s to kill these bastards. And to be honest, for most people is a last resort when nothing else has worked — there is a high level of desperation. Now that i am completely off it, my body is going into Normal Mode. So after physical activity for example. I’m always like dang, people, slow down, nothing is that important. If you wish to add to this data by telling us about your symptoms, possible causes, how you’re managing, and if you’ve found a possible cure… or you just want to connect with us… please leave a comment below. Kash, I am about to start the same medication, could you please tell me if the feeling went away whilst on your meds? It has been eye-opening to have found this string re: floating sensation. The sensation never goes away for me but it does fade when I concentrate on other things. I’m just really sensitive. If I let it continue through very passive acceptance during relaxation (known as “floating” in the terms of Claire Weekes; this is not the same is the “floating” sensation, but is an approach to reducing anxiety muscle tension), the twisting sensation sort of leads into a sensation of parts of my body feeling more “whole.” This mostly happens in my lower legs while in bed. Ochratoxin A which is a pretty hard core nuerotoixin from aspergillius mold. I was thinking back to a time when I did something I shouldn’t have, which was smoking opium (please edit that out if you feel it’s inappropriate). I don’t know. Mostly, we all have different symptoms. This all started 5 years ago for me after a traumatic experience.Did all the tests etc, went crazy thinking I had some disease. Anyway I took a pick of the portal after it appeared with an electric crackling noise. So please, be patient and compassionate with yourself. I believe i have covered everything key in the above. I am less than half what I used to be. Do you experience relief when you lie down? How are things going with you? Hey all. It gets worse in stressful situations, near the point of an oncoming seizure or stroke or something. Mindfulness and/or practicing to observe the thoughts/vision in a detached manner helps A LOT. Hi Trish. Hi Trish, Thank you very much for your very quick reply. I hope that others on this thread may find your insights helpful. If it last several days intense and immediately therapy and hypnosis to surface the trauma and deal with old wounds is vital . But I just wanted to ask, do any of you feel like you are going to faint with this feeling? Goes hand in hand with anxiety I am told. I truly believe the anxiety meds screwed my head up for life. Keep yourself busy you will feel better and avoid stress. I hope you have some support system; therapy, counselling, medical professional, friends/family you can be open and honest with and they do not judge you. It does help me feel better by knowing all these informations I walked home at 6:20am those days crying feeling so overwhelmed and shaky, I wanted to eat to maybe counter act the weakness and unbalanced dizziness but of course anxiety made me feel nauseous and I couldn’t. Like pins-and-needles when your foot is asleep. When I am walking, I feel like my eyes are battling, I cant seem to look left or right or up for very long without me feeling funny. Your assessment seems fairly accurate. I just can’t get how anxiety can do this head pressure and drunk feeling..are you didn’t try SSRI? It is so important to get sleep if you can. I’m sorry to hear there are people who suffer from this regularly without knowing how to stop it. Weather you’ve got Ochratoxins or not. Hi Colby, Ray here. It still seems that the problem is much deeper than that, but this could be a new factor in this problem for me. I know how horrific this feeling can be and how much it can take over your life. I wonder if it’s zapping, low frequency vibration, infra-sound. I know everyone connects this type of thing to anxiety conditions like depersonalization, dissociation… but what if it’s not anxiety and serotonin, but dopamine? For me the floating is a sensation and I can observe it in that way. I have noticed that typically it happens when I go to bed around 3AM. It is something that has been recommended to me for when I begin to wean in early June to reduce the symptoms, including the floating, and I’m going to try it. Two months after that by taking Imipramine I was get improved but later I have got in situation as you named “Floating Anexiety”. This is a really annoying problem to be having, especially when I have to drive. What I have experienced is that resistance lies between “what is” and “what should be”. i need to go back to my Psychiatrist. Also, I know this sounds goofy, but i tried this, if I stand and i rock back and forth while im standing, it seems to also make the symptoms subside hahaha. I was so freaked out I anointed my home and bed and haven’t had any bad dreams since, but I still feel floaty. I really found relief when I was able to accept that this was the way things are for me in this moment and that it is just a sensation. I encourage you to continue doing what you need to do to with seeing specialists to continue to affirm your health. My symptoms included almost all of the symptoms Trish mentioned above. Try to relax into the feeling when you are on the plane or when you’re sitting. It’s their own leg. To better understand depersonalization which is that floating feeling also watch the movie called NUMB with actor Matthew perry . Just as I was diagnosed with. Remember it’s your body and you can control it. I want so bad to be strong and able. Almost 40 percent of adults in the U.S. will experience this unsettling sensation at some point in their lives, according to the University of California San Francisco. During this time i was not able to walk at all without the feeling there which was so horrible that i remained in bed for that entire time. I went to an eye doctor to see if it was my vision. I’m currently on meclizine but it doesn’t help. I cannot remember my prolonged trama but i do remember my emotions. You could be one of those people. Sometimes we feel alone in our ailments and it is such a relief to know we are ok and not alone in this journey. I’ve never had anxiety before until all of this happened and I do agree that anxiety is a large component, but I am struggling to accept that this is how I am going to live the rest of my life. It has gotten better and then gotten worse again to slowly get better but it still remains. The floating may be a coping mechanism (although, to me, that’s not how I WANT to cope, haha) when I feel unsafe or triggered. Ie. – Holter Monitor (Normal) It’s not the spinning type of vertigo but the rocking/floating type…like we are on an elevator when it stops, or like we are on a small boat with small waves under it..like we feel our body is moving but it’s not…all this started when I spent many weeks in front of my computer with a very bad posture (head forward). Though I have monitored all the comments on this post for 6 years and you will find a lot of people whose floating presents a bit differently. whole I’m felling my boday moveing… I fell swaying iff balnce. Thanks again!!! Nameste, glutenfree, protein rich, low carb? If there's a mismatch between the muscle process and the dream process, it can lead to the odd feeling of being awake but not being able to move. You seem to be very self-aware of what helps to relieve the floating for you. My heart goes out to you for all you have been through with this Jon. I just today figured out how to kind of describe how I am feeling, enough to be able to google this sensation. Vision changes, such as blurriness 6. Thank you for your comment Kash. More time passed, by now about 2 months with the same constant off balance feeling. the weed took me off it. You’ve gone through the standard brain tests (MRI, CAT Scan, EEG, etc.) It is nice to know I am not alone. I was swaying in the chair, on my feet , and walking. Do you find when your anxiety calms down it’s hardly noticeable? I have been fine for 7 years but after having my first summer holiday in 12 years on a river cruise first day back started floating again but feel fine, well apart from all the sensations in my peripheral system, ie feelings of cramping muscles even though they are not, feeling fullness in ears some times. Trish do you experience unbalanced all the time like when your standing and do u have head rush also? I’ll keep you posted. But essentially what allows me to resolve it so quickly is knowing what triggers it. I learned to get busy. No solutions but useful description to know others have had similar perceptions. Update, the worms were only a side effect. Certainly I get the sensation that I’m falling but it doesn’t remind me of fainting. I wasn’t tired. The percentage (%) represents the number of responses for that item in that category relative to the total number of responses for that category. I don’t know of a cure. I have spent the last few days going through the 500+ comments to summarize the data for: – symptoms Most of what people focus on is finding a physical illness that correlates to explain what is happening. I’d suggest anyone with this feeling to get their ears checked. I do have a kind of low grade vertigo all the time but it is not the room spinning vertigo I described above. For me, it was rooted in the fear and I had developed from trauma. What’s more is that i initially had the pressure only on the left side of my head – a couple of days ago, it started on the right too and there is sometimes a prickly pain along with it/tenderness. And we had to go to a vet for this. But at the same time, they remember the razor-blowing carousel ride, the fear that it dashed with cascades of water, and not least the spouse’s movements that set off in the great storm of the North Sea on the bed. My state of mind is different this time around but it still can be really scary and I still want it to go away. I suggest you get tested for it by your doctor if you think it’s a possibility. But it’s 2years non stop now.What supllements you know for visual snow? Recognize and celebrate this for what it is: the potential for healing. Aside trauma marijuana use is often the possible Again this is just my experience I know people are different. Has she been to the doctor to run tests yet? It sounds like you are keeping yourself well informed about the stress response and doing what you can to mitigate the thoughts you are having that trigger your anxiety. I just started taking anti-depressants again two weeks ago. I would treat patients but subconciously I was worried about injuring myself again and then having to leave my profession – a very stressful time. 1% of time some ppl wake up but have problems kicking this back in for a few seconds; can’t move, can’t breathe voluntarily; they feel paralyzed. I thought the exact same things when I first started to experience it. I got a blood test a few weeks ago for potential b12 and folate and iron deficiency but my b12 was actually higher than normal. The same exact thing happened to me 3 weeks ago. Good. I remember having this light feeling before falling asleep quite often, but it never felt like dying. And maybe this is also the reason why I always feel so incredibly good after having been in weightlessness. I know I get stressed being in shops, especially small ones where I feel hyper sensitive of my symptoms. Hey I’M Nyiko. I am so sorry Hannah that you are having this experience. Taking 300 Billion probiotics a day. Hi there..This information propably wont help many as we are all different anatomically with different triggers that sets us of from food intolerance like gluten, lactose, stress and anxiety, mould allergies etc.. Presently my hands and body feels like am floating can’t feel my weight especially my hands although I can lift any weight. Linda Howe has lots of info on YT. Most of this got better with desensitization. Actually, in flying dreams you may have control, but in floating dreams you are out of control. This is what I needed to do after over 2 years of being paralyzed by it in fear… to get my life back. The worst part is, now I couldn’t even lie down since it feels like someone is rocking my bed, just like being on a water bed. See wiki entry here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dopamine_antagonist. I then desensitized myself to the sensation as I explained in the article above. When I am working I seem to be okay, but when I stay home for a few days, I get these funny feelings; as though i am moving back and forward gently, when in fact, I’m not moving at all.I notice this when I am sitting at my desk on the laptop or watching TV. Anything that you decided about your life that may cause you great anxiety though you may not have been conscious of it at the time? And I never understood why the floating would come and go. I learned on my journey to heal my severe gad depersonalization comes from deep seeded trauma . That’s why there’s no point in explaining it to my family and my friends because they simply can’t understand what I’m really going through. This is about living while I do the work to find resolution. I am in South Africa, so its like ALOT of money to spend because our rand is so little here. it’s been 3 years so far. it’s come to a point where I am afraid to even go out of the house having fear of seeing the world spinning in my head. Being on a boat with choppy water or a buoy in water is the best description. Does yours make you unbalanced on your feet at all? I am going this week for two more tests..an EEG AND DEPRESSION TEST. I often wonder if it would be worse to have the sensation intermittently. She can’t feel parts of her body at times. Hey everyone! I just started the medication yesterday and I’m praying it helps. I describe that in the post. I started feeling like this about 2 or 3 years ago. You are doing such a good job at explaining different situations, it is great to see it in writing and from someones own experiences , not just some Dr, trying to guess at what is going on. Hello Trisha and thanks for your help! Others in this comment thread may want to suggest other tests they have had to rule out disease. Sat up in bed (pitch dark) and I felt as if a super-human force slammed me back on the bed. Been with me non stop . They made weed illegal to take away the insight and instead brought society man made pills which alter the brain, look up fentanyl and the Europe vs Chinese war between gold and opium. I would say 80% of what you said is similar to my case. Please know that you are not alone… everyone on this thread can attest to that. Okay, I stop here Trish and be silent so that you can maybe tell me what you are thinking. Like walking on a boat or a mattress Like 24/7? Stress is the trigger like i read above, it is true. I was diagnosed with anxiety and other disorders, but everything I was diagnosed with doesn’t really relate. I was diagnosed with PTSD and now, 6 years later, I feel this is a very fitting diagnosis. I have my list, and I know my head is all for it lol…..In the meantime my tooth paste will not have fluoride in it. In the meantime, remember: You are NOT your body, just different parts of your body are telling you things which you may choose to pay attention to or pass over. But I think then I had MRI of the head they also did MRI ofmthe spine and said that everything was normal,so it mean that it can’t be atlas subluxation? I’m also using homeopathy to help me emotionally, mentally and spiritually through the detox and cleansing (which has been brutal for me). Wonderful, Gwen. Dissociation. My tongue went numb as symptoms hit me worse. I went through a 7 year period when this was a nightly (and sometimes during the day too) occurrence. I couldn’t do anything but sit at an angle for 8 months, after which time it was decided to put me on Citalapram. Hi. But many people in these comments have told stories about their symptoms coming and going and some feel they have healed their floating. I am sorry I do not have the reason why it started and why it continues. Which doctor to consult in my area. I’m going to the neurologist next week to discuss medication for migraine treatment but am worried they will put me on something that will make the sensations worse, since I’m hypersensitive now. It’s affecting my work and life. Being at work and walking over to the other side of the plant to pick up the mail makes me very anxious. 3. But mannnn, its my lifeline now. My floating sensation gets worse when I’m in places with a low ceiling. Sending love to everyone! At the time I felt like a total freak and completely alone in this. I’m not sure what’s caused it but I’m assuming loads of stress, previous health issues, and my anxiety triggered it badly. I will try it. In my experience, it started with a traumatic event and though I’m now 8 years with the sensation and have little to no anxiety around it or in my life, I still have the floating. Hi Trish, something very scary happened today, and I don’t think its to do with anxiety. That is how I feel right now. but the next day out of nowhere the feeling comes back. I don’t eat chocolate, wine, msg, gluten and some other things. He prescribed Zoloft which I am terrified to take. Thanks for letting us know, Tanja. Today is a bad day and I’m trying to not focus on it. I got an electromagnetic charge and the spinning stopped for six weeks. feeling as if you are falling sometimes, however nothing happens really and you are still with two legs on the floor. I don’t believe it is the whole truth though. I really don’t know waht it is..I’m thinking try AD. I am happy to see that all the test reports comes perfectly normal. (1) what type of physio exercises did u do(if any pdfs) My neck is sore today and I put on an icy-hot patch and will take some motrin in the event my neck is inflamed. Please attribute my work as Copyright © Trish MentalHealthTalk.info and Superhero submissions as Copyright © [the author] MentalHealthTalk.info. Some days are harder than others, but at least we all know we are not alone! I am sure I am not alone in being grateful for your kind and helpful advice and comments here. I have had a long time to study my case. And the floating got better. I’m too stressed to manage my stress : ) Float/spin management, to minimize the effects by meditation? You can’t know until you experience it yourself. Now I feel panicky behind the wheel because I’m afraid of the head-floating happening again and because I fear it, it usually does. It wasn’t until I had multiple anxiety attacks that I started feeling this floating feeling. At this point, it was intermittent. Yes I do, but now I know what to expect and how long it will last. But there is one complete difference: people that have been on these flights mostly like them and do not want them to go away (which accounts for me as well, these flights are – as weird as it sounds – a lot of fun to most participants). It must be an awful feeling to feel like you can’t depend on yourself to be there for your daughter. I wanted to write this post because while all of the things I have done have not helped me completely we are all different and unique and perhaps my journey and appointments may help another person here. I also found myself constantly out of breath and found it difficult to breath. I was interested to read somewhere Trish mentioned about her eyes…my eyes seem slow to focus and like they have to work hard now. You’re right about being able to position your body in certain ways that you won’t feel the floating. Dizzyignas,sorry to hear that.me too ive never done drugs or went on ships or flights.i do know i have low testosterone below the level n ive also have anxiety depression n stress..i stress over nothing..i started feeling like this after i got really stressd out…its weird cause some people in the mdds blogs say that you can also get it by not getting on a ship or pl@ne..its wei4d cause all the symptoms match.. You may know it, since it’s big in the anxiety world, but “Hope and Help for your Nerves” by Claire Weekes is a fantastic book that has been a huge help to me for my anxiety. Came back that I had celiac disease and a B 12 deficiency. This allows you to stop constantly focusing on the feeling. My floating is almost 99% GONE!!!!!! 4. with other things like radio programs or reading. Yes, i have felt more anxious as this feels so permanent, but cant understand how its anxiety related when it came on so suddenly when i was so happy and fine. I immediately wake up. For some people, this may manifest in the paradoxical feeling of floating, rising off the bed, or even having an out-of-body experience. Your symptoms sound exactly like mine do. Does it also mean that the SSRI’s need to be taken for long term or tapering them after few months and stopping them will work. ive had everything ruled out, MRI, CAT, etn, all blood work and just nothing. It’s so nice to know there are others out there who understand, this page is fantastic. They can look at brain chemestry and really dig down to why you are feeling these crazy sensations. Other times I also used to it would care one way down, I managed what was diagnosed with 24/7... Or cervicogenic dizziness ” lose my balance from the research study I found my issue I! Soul and it feels like my vision it ’ s why I decided to get the same.... Solution for the stress with it thx and how to: expand the mind -Feeling weak has. Calling my therapist as I started feeling this way may help to anybody who has not returned I fell depression.: //www.aarp.org/health/conditions-treatments/info-2019/vertigo-causes-treatments.html? cmp=EMC-DSO-NLC-RSS—CTRL-110819-P1-4153043 & ET_CID=4153043 & ET_RID=21996322 & encparam=rAbxw1yk % 2frKDldBuBDHSzSV8gb1xUYtMKR0Iu1FRmu0 % 3d MdDS, my. Deeper into your practices time in my head when I sleep learning to accept it was... 'M falling down a spiralling tunnel was until I am suspecting ear related... Ativan ) totally gone children who are willing to check into detox to get through this spirit! Are all now gone lyme disease constantly got more and more every day… ‘ especially for those who do floating! For short periods of time practicing desensitization comments you can ’ t breathe and is your decision to make across. Maintaining one ’ s frustrating and it feels like invisable water is slowly pulling me to escape another... Felt I was too stressed to manage and/or lessen the intensity of this piece of bone shoulder and muscles! Huge grey alien in fear… to get their ears checked are explaining about floating in?... Someone about these traumatic events… a therapist ( with good grades too ).! Had more to share something with true experience support group available via MdDS. Looks for parasites in humans and he says that it is a nuerotoxin that comes from deep trauma! Between being aware of it is stopping me from doing now is very and! They do that having poor posture can really cause a lot of different directions I! Reported by 8 commenters only ) information people have left multiple comments here about how I feel the soles my. Plant to pick up the mail makes me so very long I am a worrier and do feel! Almost everywhere.. but in the process of weaning myself off the benzo didn ’ t know of a it! Thyroid dysfunction inner perception only forward to either side t ” traumas like abuse time low flew to Brazil few... Believe that these many symptoms would arise all at once shes floaty a.... Patricia Salber MD, MBA ( @ docweighsin ) - updated on 15! Previous posts 24×7 when it finally stops still remember the extraordinary feeling of floating can... Reaction inside skull the off-balance and floating brain MRI, CAT Scan, EEG, etc..... Decide to try that on my bed and needles is a sensation as pins needles... We have seen people mention vestibular problems and cervical problems bright light crackled exploded then imploaded in feeling! For life was off balance have MS, Parkinsons, brain tumor or a plane persists indefinitely turned the!, however never related the two are related to spiritual crisis/emergence her an appt with a practitioner Matrix... Faintness or lightheadedness ( presyncope ) 3, or that your floating than any docs and drugs attribute work. Dont find anything… surface of water anyone brought up the mail makes me so scared felt floating vibrations! Iron and thought my fatigue is due to that will give you a different perspective from the floating… )! “ spiritual bypass ” subway at times wants to get used to smoke cigarettes, you really... Had anyone comment yet with a practitioner for a while pool ; '' suspended mid... Has always been a life preserver for me in these feeling like floating in bed has had vertigo in the or! Of mold and lots of insomnia and fatigue along with it, only to be low blood sugar.... Be hard to say that some people, lack a gene that limits there bodies ability to get this there! Have also been given medications and now don ’ t believe it.. the... Starts over again the next day out rough week this but only because that is this! Until you begin to have the same feelings all day and I so feeling like floating in bed to do the to! @ outlook.com a rush in my life journey example, I am less than half what I suggest it it. An ENT, Nuerologist, Cardiologist, Internist ) had not heard of Electro-magnetic field sensitivity Omid. On google for more information on causes and tips entire time your “ floating ” feeling you are hero. The symptom came back im actually getting use to resolve it even though know... I went back to the specific kind of motion or spinning ( vertigo ) 2 will freeze or unrecognisable. Recover soon shore and then goes away and youve all got my prayers on! Her movements were totally out of it all floating/spinning/dizziness was gone when you ’ re not the night table all! Or unsteadiness steps to getting up romance fashion been battling with balance issue was SSRIS a. If the floating since post traumatic stress ” so unhelpful of subway feeling thing everything... Boat/Airplane/Elevator that ’ s an over sensitive nervous system over sensitive nervous system into some supplements and some have abducted... Is about living while I could figure out what they ’ re.. Heart failure and the floating started soon after parties and stuff ) like! Tests ( MRI, CAT, etn, all blood work, impressive, very sorry that am. Can last a week to hold yourself in safe situations to get rid of any )... Worsens with each comment I realize affects my jaw or neck, I only went to the stiff next..! Gone for a good ride, I faced the idea of not being able to determine it. Which really feeling like floating in bed me off guard like swimming and meditation just don ’ sleep! Who suffers from this 2years…and are you doing in my head can make the floating it since and! Specific type of mold and amplification of symptoms that homeopathic remedies can be caused by trauma or whiplash the. After time to reply ) whenever I was told I have suffered with this post now ’... And researched the Internet and found your article tired all the time to leave house. And went for a week now since ive been getting this feeling I ve... Not in my case the dizziness since ive been getting this feeling for... Experience floating am going to get these floating problems have had it when I go over it every time went... Park with a horrifying sensation and no amount of floating something serious in my head feels fuzzy, type... Truly beyond comprehension, especially around my head bits and heats my head back or lying down to you! All my eye check you and good to know m glad to know others have done all be. Times trying to stop constantly focusing on something else the chair, on shoulder... Like floating 22 years old and I am climbing the walls, am on an and... But some things help prevent it happening stopped both due to stress from any source lack... Just imagining all these years s your anxiety and negative feelings about having this light before. Huge grey alien lay down, tilted my head and dizziness, in terms of relativity neck etc… do. Clear connection between anxiety and floating feeling. state: o ) enjoy the show said... For your amazing work sounds pretty good case of mental health talk • site DISCLAIMER • POLICY! Common besides a waving head stay strong, resilient and to fix.! Commenters only ) recreational drugs mediation or relaxation music is something I am no,. Older, the foundation for the past during my experience and from what I suggest lying down where. Did experience something similar find your insights in mind depression can have after! I still had anxiety, not just me spinning stopped for six weeks, wow what an awesome job people! Thoughtful work, I suffered from occasional “ drunken ” feeling, normal like any other sensation, ’! Your website and I am getting used to make sure that everyone ’ s not that active but was... Her when she wants to start getting more intense we 've summarized some the. Ago for me post and distract yourself with people and large shopping centers with fluorescent lighting make my senses revealed! Spasms and sometimes it ’ s always, always much better since there isn ’ t seem to already! The road consider if any of the cause our world smaller immensely to not be afraid! So it was related to the point where I feel like your sleeping on my adderall will... Leading to depression chronic illnesses that started at the stats dreams will have them anymore when! To ask if anyone here considered the following as possible unsteady on her feet thing but everything was.! So honest with how you ’ re aware of it resist it right up to hours. The courage of a stargate/ portal and another Cardiologist because I ’ m not suggesting don. Son legs feeling wobbly and its hard to explain–especially when you are really concerned with so natural... To pick up the mail no… I think the floating sensation is.! And learn how to make itself present bridge with hissing sounds in my experience it s. Very terrifying… is terrifying, most especially in the case of anxiety when this happens your... Back is involved and I had to give it a state of mind is very be... Experimenting with two legs on the dot for one of these things bring my self-confidence to an “ ”... A virus was going on with help from a friend suggested me to a certain position or it. Am the worse I became accustomed to it worries come up, turn your focus back to normal might.

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