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Agree 100%. Hello out there!!! Graduating from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006, Adele was given a recording contract by XL Recordings after a friend posted her demo on Myspace the same year. About Roger Glover from the original loudest band Deep Purple ???? So this is just a popularity contest and has no bearing of great bass players. Bernd Zamulo – Cuxhaven Germany from : ” THe LORDS” Germanband since 1959. A Welsh musician has recently broken the record for the lowest vocal note (female).. Helen Leahey, the aptly named ‘Bass Queen’, sang from a D5 to a D2 note at an incredibly deep 72.5 hertz(es) in her attempt at the Music School Wagner in Koblenz, Germany. No list can be serious without Ron Carter on it at least somewhere. Is Sacrilege……definitely Top 5 with John Paul Jones and Entwistle. I especially miss Felix Pappalardi on this list. and Keith Richards is brilliant. These are among some of the best female singers to release great songs and albums recently. He is the Bassists Bassist. He performs to the needs of his Boss’ songs, not standing out, but filling his role in a very professional band. Victor Wooden learned from him . Another vote for Graham Maby for inclusion. If someone has been left off, so what? He wasn’t a “showman” but then I’ve never been impressed with showmen in the rythmn section, that’s the front mans gig. No Greg Ridley? Jaco Pastorius used every minute of the short time he had to expand the technical and dramatic possibilities of the bass, giving his various clients – Joni Mitchell, Pat Metheny and even Ian Hunter – more than they bargained for. No Andy Fraser? NFW…. Kim Deal? Some great bassists here to be sure, but here are five more worthies: Jack Casady – Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna To me, these guys can do anything that the rest of the guys on the list can do and sound great. Is this is list of the MOST FAMOUS bass players or the ACTUALLY BEST bass players? I agree Cetera should have made the list as well as Mark King of Level 42. Yes agood case can be made for putting Entwistle on top. He was amazing. Sulton is also one of arena rock’s MVPs and a damn fine singer too. As one of the most exploratory jazz bassists out there, Charlie Haden expanded the sonic possibilities of double bass beginning with Ornette Coleman’s landmark album The Shape Of Jazz to Come. Chris Squire, 2nd. Again, however, Waters is solid on the bass and very loud. Nuf Said. Any list of this nature without Joe Osborn loses all credibility. not necessarily in that order, if you ask me, ranking them suggest that one is better than the other and sometimes that will be the case but by far not always, its also a matter of taste, prefered music style, many people pick the bassplayer of their favorite band, good or not, but overal im more happy with this list, not necessarily in that order, if you ask me, ranking them suggest that one is better than the other and sometimes that will be the case but by far not always, its also a matter of taste, prefered music style, many people pick the bassplayer of their favorite band, good or not, but overal im more happy with this list, sincerely Don.Miata. But soulless. What about the bombastic bass playing on what I consider to be one of the most energetic live albums ever, Grand Funk Live Album, witch features Mel Schacher on bass? He could not only play it all but he created the hooks you heard all of those other guys use when they took it out on the road. I mean what is the point of even commenting? C’mon!!!! I can’t believe that Marcus Miller was omitted from this list. Just repeat this sentence if you can. Willie Dixon at #37? Berry Oakley at 41 is just ridiculous Incredible. Bet if you asked any of the guys you mention, he’s Top Ten. I agree with the number 1 choice. Agree Peter Cetera should absolutely be on this list, phenomenal player. He and Geddy Lee were the reasons I learned to play bass! Seriously, no BOB BABBIT!!! Mike, Impressive as Jack Bruce’s own parts were, he also gets credit for the leads he pushed Eric Clapton to play. He is very good, and I failed to give him credit where it was genuinely due. But ya got jazz& other styles sprinkled iin there. Tom Fowler, Alphonso Johnson, Patrick O’Hearn, Ryan Stasik. Let’s give some love to Jimmy Smith and Jack Mcduff while we’re at it. You’ve got to be kidding. No Jack Casady? paul mccartney better than marcus miller and the rest? Greg Ridley’s Spooky Tooth contributions all appreciated. 4. No Ian Hill? Charles Barksdale was a co-founder and bass vocalist for the doo-wop group The Dells. Jamerson!!! This oft-recorded master was the answer to 70s Los Angeles’ prayers. Cool to see all the top hits she played on, especially Motown. Leo Lyons from Ten Years After should be on the damn list! Let us know in the comments section. yay! he should be recognised as one of the greatest! Might want to consider flipping Bernard Edwards of CHIC with Flea. What!!!!! Lists like this will allways be a matter of taste, but I really can`t see how Duff Mckegean can be in it, when John Myung from Dream Theater is not. Techniquement le meilleur de tous est John myung et il n’est même pas dans la liste! Turn up the bass. And where is Jeff Berlin? Dude, McCartney revolutionized the place of the bassist in rock. Carol Kaye is the Queen. Plus his Captain Beyond career. Brother Dan. The bass is dark and heavy and low. Jet Harris is one of the greatest of all time …, Wow, cool. Four mighty strings and 50 mighty players: the best bassists are the ones who carve out signature sounds and play as many memorable licks as the guitarists. OK .. WHERE ARE MICHEAL ANTHONY (VAN HALEN) AND GENE SIMMONS (KISS) ????? You like them, you attend their concerts and buy their recordings if they are still alive , when it comes down to it, that is all that matters. Gerry McAvoy from Rory Gallagher’s band, Dee Murray from Elton John’s band, Rick Richards from The Georgia Satellites – how can you only choose 50? What about Glenn Hughes from Trapeze and more famously, Deep Purple. Often described as the second coming of Jaco Pastorius, the Grammy-winning bass master is rightly beloved by the jam-band crowd and beyond. ” Blues. But a better case can be made forMcCarney, IF you are talking rock. 1. Maybe someone’s already said it but Keith Richards played the bass on sympathy for the devil ~ the sample song for Bill Wyman. I have no doubt he’s a damn good muso but from a complex technical point of view Billy Sheehan or Chris Squire for example would smash him out of the park. Jack is on the list at #23. Wilbur Bascomb – Session man. 9.) Greg Lake (ELP) and Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy – Quiet Riot…)! wtf Paul McCartney better than Jack Bruce…hahahahahha. Details of death: Died at the age of 84, according to Marshall Thompson of the Chi-Lites. Bill Wyman is outstanding on The Brussels Affair and Lemmy deserves to be there just for his performance on Space Ritual. You can even see bassists in U2 or in McCartney’s Band playing on a Jack Casady Model on stage ! That’s pretty hilarious too. Why not include John Wetton; King Crimson!, Greg Lake; ELP, RON CARTER Mile Davis, etc!!! Definitely Percy Jones ( Brand X ). I was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!! That being said, I was surprised to see that Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order) didn’t make the cut. The most famous of all bass players (as mentioned by Homer Simpson himself). First, I loved watching and listening to Chris Squire play, have all of Yes and his solo on vinyl. The legend Mick Karn… not forgotten but sadly forgotten from this list. Jaco should be in first place. Glenn Cornick pretty clumsy list.. you have got to be kidding..McCartney ?? Do some writing first, … Sheehan can’t swing, and he is too much of a stylist. His name evades me. Unbelievable! Steve on 7st position and McCartney on 5? Lists like this are always lacking and shortsighted. Always overlooked in these polls Eric Avery…not mainstream so does not get a mention….but best ever dynamic driving bass player ever. He’s also a great vocalist. Details of death: . Check out the Lyrics on John’s song about him called, “How do You Live With Yourself.” Also, his Post-Beatle songs were pathetic, like: “The Girl is Mine” (a duet with Michael Jackson) and “You Think People Would Have Had Enough With Silly Little Love Songs” and the list goes on and on—real R&R ha,ha. When I was a seventh grader in the fall of ’66, I started playing bass by copying anyone and everyone. All I know is that there are some wonderful bass players on the list. Chris White (Zombies) Give the Schools’ Out album (and others) a listen for some of the best rock bass work ever! As usual, a popularity contest, nothing to do with who is the best, No Michael Anthony? Tim Bogart is undoubtedly the greatest I ever heard live. Exactly…..TIM BOGART not in the Top 5????? Where are those names ? John Taylor of Duran Duran is better than most of 11 thru 50. before Les Claypool? . Duck Dunn is far too close to the bottom of the list. I consider him to be severely over looked! Where is George Porter Jr (The Meters)??? Died at the age of 84, according to Marshall Thompson of … Nobody heard of Nathan East?Who made this list? Also Felix Pappalardi, Jack Casady, Tommy Caldwell, and John Wetton belong on here. C’mon! Alex Webster-Cannibal Corpse All great players on the list, regardless of ranking. On my list I would slot in Dennis Dunaway from the original Alice Cooper Band in top 20. While you’re reading, listen to our Best Bass Guitar Riffs playlist here. Entwistle as # 1 is a fair choice. If you are going to have Jazz Musicians on a list like this, you have to put them all at the top of the list. I remember thinking when I first saw the Talking Heads that she was lucky to have friends who cared enough to be patient with her boring lines. Have you ever listened to Peter Cetera work with early Chicago. Airplane in -68. That’s some Bullshit!!! Cardiff Singer of the World Competition-June 2019. Indeed follks; perennial winner of best bassist in Playboy Magazine’s highly regarded Jazz and Pop music poll, was like a brilliant lead bass player, climbing and winding his way around the gorgeous, soaring vocals of the Airplane’s gifted singers. As a bassist – yeah. Jack Bruce would have been my no. Chris Campbell for his work in the silver bullet band Lee got it. Paul Newton (Uriah Heep) is missing on the list and should at #2…. Sims, Mel Schachler…. These guys ‘made’ stuff. what- no Tal Wilkenfold!! Alex Webster-Cannibal Corpse I would also have expected Darryl Jones to be in there too. Jack Cassidy, from the Airplane and Hot Tuna, should be in the top 10, but he’s not even on the list! Where’s Jeff Becks right hand girl Tal Wilkenfeld?? manca uno splendido tim bogert dei vanilla fudge, cactus,, ecc. Y G T B S M. I’ve been a Professional and Instrucyional Bassist for over fifty years. BTW Jefferson Airplane had no rhythm section. Missing: Peter Overend Watts by Mott The Hoople, Gene Simmons by Kiss, Trevor Bolder by Spiders from Mars, Raf Benson by Latoscuro, Faso by Elio e le storie Tese, And many others. Paul was actually a better guitarist than John, but John had a brand new Rickenbacker and he was the leader at that point, so Paul went to bass duty. Nice effort, but Gerry McAvoy certainly belongs in the top 50. Right behind Les Claypool. And they will tell you so . Greg Ridley from Humble Pie and Spooky Tooth, Mel Schacher from Grand Funk, Pete Way from UFO, Andy Fraser from Free, Martin Turner from Wishbone Ash, Pete Agnew from Nazareth, Harvey Brooks of The Doors, Electric Flag, and Super Session, Francis Bucholtz of The Scorpions, Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane, Noel Reading, and Billy Cox with Jimi Hendrix, Rick Danko of The Band, Jim Kale of The Guess Who, John Myong of Dream Theatre, Robert DeLeo of STP, etc…a top 50 list is too debatable! !1 puhleessee!! Just past Jaco?? Followed by Claypool at #2. Are you serious…John Entwhistle overated……have you listened to the original Quadraphenia. I am glad to see Entwistle at the top where he belongs. What, no Meshell Ndegeocello? No Lee Sklar? While each of us,especially those who play the Bass have their preferences in the style of music,there must be some MINIMUM standards to fulfill to enter this list.Many have more than done that, and still cannot find a place here.Others who may not be fit enough to be even called bassists,enjoy pole positions.I will not throw names-My favs can teach the likes of McCartney how to HOLD a bass guitar.One great consideration has been missed: Has anybody given due thought to Bassists who were their bands VOCALISTS ? No Norman Watt- Roy from the Blockheads? Thanks for the Overend “Pete” Watts shout out! Paul McCartney ranks higher than Jaco Pastorius????? Bogus list. Where’s Herbie Flowers? Perhaps the most versatile bass played in all of prog rock, John Wetton could do the blazing virtuosity of Larks Tongues-era King Crimson as well as the song-oriented approach of Asia. I don’t know who was surveyed and how you judged the meaning of best, but bassist number 12 through 32 would eat numbers 1 through 9 for lunch. Jack Bruce’s Crossroads will make you a believer. Pegi Young was 66 years 1 month old when she died 2 years ago: She would be 68 if still alive: Born : 1 December 1952: ... Bass player and singer with The Walker Brothers. But Big Willie, oh what a player. Another one bites the dust? Also no Mick Karn, John Taylor,Mark King or Herbie Flowers. JJ Burnel is there at 46, should be higher of course, but where is Peter Hook? There is one great Bass player omitted, that being session bassist, Carol Kaye!!! I see Carol Kaye, Duck, and James Jamerson but didn’t see David Hood’s name, seems like an oversight to me. And me Gerald “Tugboat” Turner/ Digable Planets. One that is not is, IMOO, Tony Levin !!!!! No Percy Jones, Ray Shulman or John Wetton???? That’s sacrilege. In my humble opinion, Jack Bruce should be higher than No. Jack Bruce, Jet Harris (ex Shadows), John Rostill, John Entwistle. Played behind some fast ass guitar players. No Mark King? Chris Squire is easily top five. Matt Sallee joined Pentatonix as bass vocalist after the departure of Avriel “Avi” Kaplan in 2017. He would still be on this list, I think, without being in the Beatles, and probably be regarded better as a pure player. John McVie He should had been top ten , play strong go back and listen Uhhhmm… Mick Karn???!!! The landmark groove of ‘Cissy Strut’ was just the beginning, and Porter, Jr, is one of the greatest bassists who embodies New Orleans’ slinky approach to funk. “How to Prove You Know Nothing about Influencial Bassists in 50 Easy Steps”. Singer / bass player with The Police. I can’t believe no-one mentioned Tim Bogert from Vanilla Fudge. Get real. Must not forget Dave Pegg (Fairport Convention/Jethro Tull) or Ron Carter (Best sound of any upright bass player I have ever heard). George and Ringo agreed too and they were right there. Good list. Jamerson for example, influenced many of the players listed above him. Chris Squire (of Yes) is the greatest bass player around and knocks the others into a cocked hat so why on earth is he only No.16?? Jeff Berlin blows them all away!!! Scott LaFaro? Kasim Sulton jumped in the deep end by joining Todd Rundgren’s prog-rock band Utopia, during their most complex phase, at age 20. Paul Goddard of the Atlanta Rhythm Section should be in the top ten. Tal Wilkenfeld who’s played with Jeff Beck among others is a tremendous young bass player. Flea is the most entretaining but his creativity is limited without John Frusciante and he usually play similar riffs. There’s scores of jaw dropping TUBA players in New Orleans that deserve some respect. It looks like there was another Jay that posted at almost the same time, but I have to agree with the first Jay and also include Rick Danko on the list. No Walter Page, Slam Stewart, or Jimmy Blanton? Kudos on your 50 Best Bassists list. The haircut, the sound, the bass guitars brands ?! The list is composed of just super famous and frontmen. I want some of what y’all are drinking!! Should have got in for his playing on Living Colour’s ‘Stain’ alone. I agree with Flea, but Claypool should be with him! you’re on point about McCartney getting the bass sound up front early in the game. he is a superb bassist, listen to his base solo at the end of” Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine”, he is consistenly ace on a Killers tracks. He had some of the most complex, melodic basslines ever. And Dave Hope. The late DEE MURRAY??!!! Definitely Porcaro and also Timothy B Schmidt (eagles). Stream Xmas 2019 - Alto, a playlist by Llysfaen Singer (Alice) from desktop or your mobile device. and at NUMBER ONE…. Is there someone you miss whose memory should be honored? highly underated i think glad to see you noticed. Well, well, well… What are the criteria ? My brother Bob Kibler, was one of the finest bass guitar players of all times. – for those of you in the UK, Dalton and Rodford still are Active in the Kast-off Kinks. Common wisdom holds that the bass player is the “quiet one” in a band, playing essential parts of a song that you don’t necessarily notice. To your argument, any list excluding John McVie, in my opinion, is not valid. Abdrazakov, Ildar Bass Baritone 177 03/01/2004 5979 04/25/2020 80 Aceto, Raymond Bass 152 10/19/1992 10130 12/21/2019 206 Adams, Suzanne Soprano 144 11/08/1898 44443 02/04/1903 42895 Adler, Kurt Conductor 341 03/26/1944 27869 07/09/1972 17537 Ahlstedt, Douglas Tenor 190 03/25/1973 17278 04/14/1988 11779 Alagna, Roberto Tenor 155 04/10/1996 8861 04/25/2020 80 Albanese, Licia … this list is bullshit!….where is Greg Ridley?????? 2. Andy Fraser – Free – He had Funk, before there was Funk!!!! The placements are all out of whack and where are Mike Mills (R.E.M. Who is the best? Percy Jones of Brand X ?? I like Oteil and Victor wooten, Steve Bailey is quite awesome but thats me. Mark Hans Solar of Slave should be on there too. Few bands had a Bass player as the integral string melody. ALPHONSO JOHNSON … ETC. Most of these are just famous – wanna talk about great players…. , Rick Danko The Band, Jack Cassady; Jefferson Airplane, Hugh Hopper; The Soft Machine, Adam Clayton; U2!! Where are Tim Bogert, Rick Laird and Paul Jackson ? And what about Percy Jones (Brand X)? Different styles, awesome bass players! – Love 8 Ticket to a Waterfall etc. Next time “Eight Miles High” crops up on your oldies station stop and take a listen. Advertisement. And Willie Dixon should have been in the top five. Also, what about Jimmy Blanton? Jamerson at 19? I have been a bass player for about 30 years and over the last 5 or 6 years re examined how I was playing and made some changes. I personally would have Jonas Hellborg up there with Wooten, and he is not even on the list. Anyone who plays bass makes the world a groovier place! Finally, someone recognizes Francis Rocco Prestia. This bass-baritone opera and concert singer was born on November 9, 1965, in Pant Glas, Caernarfonshire, Wales, United Kingdom. He also played with Hendrix – albeit posthumously, on the studio-created Crash Landing. Like was mentioned, Paul really didn’t want to be a bass player, he just got assigned the role after Stu Sutcliffe, who couldn’t play bass, by the way, left the band in 61. I don’t see the one and only Steve Knobles ! They all sounds awesome on their bass guitar. Nearly a decade after her brilliant … No list as short as 50 is going to include people that others think were left out that should have been included. Paul McCartney made a trademark out of the supple, lyrical bassline more than any rock player before or since, and that’s on ‘Paperback Writer’ alone. This list is bull……. As a bass player of 40 years myself, along the lines of Mel Schacher and Andy Fraser, the late Joe Schermie of Three Dog Night fame was really good. Take off the Beatle-nostalgia glasses. Looks more like a list on how popular the band is, not the quality of the player. Not Jeff Berlin and Alain Caron on the list, this is a shit. This List sucks.. I love bass guitar, and have huge respect for all those listed, but Lee Dorman should be on that list as well. And I’m disappointed that I didn’t make the list , And, of course completely forgotten, on Number 1A: Robbie Shakespeare! Just the bassist for a great band. Especially check out 1:07-1:34. Great List but I think Dave Holland should have made the list, countless great jazz albums including miles Davis’ Bithes Brew. Duck Dunn near 50? John Cale, Jack Casady, Rob Wasserman, do you know this names? Jah Wobble is worth a mention also. The article says “sometimes they step out into the spotlight, like Paul Mc Cartney, Lemmy, Sting or Roger Waters”. I saw him live, and was a real master on the bass. DANE ALDERSON from the YELLOW JACKETS?!! Sounds like your judges are a bit insular. Abe Laboriel was THE go to session bassist for several decades. Or Tower of Power Francis “Rocco” Prestia !!! And where is JACK CASSIDY? 10 January 2019, American singer Larry Cunningham died of a heart attack age 67. Bob Glaub deserves to be on this list. Too many omissions to take seriously to be honest. only one bassist that could keep up with alvin lee’s reverse zin riffs. Monster bass player with the TCB band. Can’t believe Tony Levin is that far down, what about John Taylor, sure he may have been a pinup, but he’s an amazing bassist. 2.) His playing is so far removed from anything resembling normal bass lines that many people just scratch their heads as he chirps and thumps every fret of an 8 string monstrosity. RON CORTER Don’t see how you can overlook John Illsley of Dire Straits and Sir Horace Gentleman from ska legends The Specials? Lets face it, McCartney is a pop musician. Great songs Paperback Writer and Rain displaying signature McCartney technique and sound. How many people here are moaning at these guys because their “bassman” is not on the list. The membership is topped at 100. Four mighty strings, 50 mighty players. I was Made for loving you? If it were me, guys like Billy Sheehan would be farther up the list, but that doesn’t mean he’s more important than Paul, Geezer, or Geddy. Mick Karn-Japan, Dali’s Car, Rain Tree Crow, Stanley Clarke number 17 you have got to be kidding!!! ! Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power) What, no the kid from the Partridge family, wah, wah, get over it, it is JUST a list! Paul McCartney should be MUCH lower. Order of merit very flawed list. and the other one is Pedro Aznar Monkees Singer and Bass Guitarist Peter Tork Dead at 77 Peter Tork Monkees Singer Dead at 77. Lee Dorman of Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda (side one), Ball, and Metamorphosis albums are good early examples. Both played with Pat Metheny at various times. It’s insulting he’s in the list. ?John Pattitucci,,,Bronson Begay,,Alain Caron,,,Tom Peterrson,,Pete Way, John Paul Jones to win Getty Lee runner up SuzI Quatro deserves to be on the list. You can’t compare Nathan East to John Entwistle or Paul McCartney but you can to Jaco Pastorius, where is Glen Cornick…base player Jethro Tull recently passed away .. Rest in piece cd Glen, What.. No Mention of the Bong rattlin’ bass of Mel Shacher (GFR)? Listen to albums Main Course, Children of the World, and, yes, Saturday Night Fever. To learn to play The Beatles song’s bass correctly from zero would take weeks. Popular and greatest are not the same thing. Mel Schacher of GFR fame. I scanned through the list, finding almost everyone I thought should be on here. While ranking Jaco Pastorius 12th???????? His work with Donny Hathaway (especially D.H. This list is a joke. Nathaniel Phillips, Doug Wimbish. I think there music was much better than Paul’s CRAP after they broke up too. i didn’t know thecnycal know how isn’t a parameter to make a list of best 50 bass players, He also scored a number of 70s hits with his brother George as part of The Brothers Johnson. !’?- and Bill wyman,s in there.., oops! Si vous ne connaissez pas JIMMY BLANTON, votre culture musicale est très insuffisante excusez-moi…. no Jack Cassidy …Airplane and Hot Tuna! Personal choice is just that ….personal. Some of these pollsters need to listen to more new wave. I have just committed the greatest sin— I have failed to place THE LATE GREAT JACK BRUCE, as one of the best,if not the best Bassist/ Vocalists of all time in the above mentioned list. though not as good as he was.. Some real greats on here: Mingus, East, Lee, Miller, McCartney, Bruce…. This coming from a long-time bassist. ), Eric Avery (Jane’s Addiction), Chuck Rainey (did some great work with Steely Dan), Colin Moulding (XTC) and Pete Quaife (The Kinks) to name but a few? Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer caught my ear early on, e.g., Saturday Freedom. What about Greg Lake? Where would Walk on the Wild Side be without Herbie Flowers? NORMAN WATT ROY He’s the most melodic player since McCartney. How in the world could you possibly have omitted Ronnie Baker? Such longevity leads to the production of remarkable thematic projects. Dedicated daily to memorializing notable personalities. Who was a rock and roll star on stage? Same with Jack Casady and Ron Carter. 7.) How can bass be quantified? We all have our favorites, and we know this isn’t a scientific ranking- just a poll of polls. I am not not a huge Van Halen fan, but a passive fan. .Of course we know with exception(maybe) of the first post it’s casady, but, instead of the way you HAD to put it, couldnt you do what most people do put ‘yeah Im glad to see Casady, jack Casady of… on the list.” were you upset thinking someone might think it was David cassidy’s brother? Not to mention a few years kicking butt in the reunited Stooges. ……….and how about MOE’s Rob Derhak ……….? Personally, I would put Getty Lee as #1 and maybe flip flop John Entwistle with Flea but really, all of them are fantastic musicians. Carol Kaye probably played bass on more albums than anyone else. John Paul Jones better than JACK BRUCE — my ass. ?No way.Not in the best 100 either.Chris Squire is the best one followed by Paul Mac Cartney. Ron Carter. With all the amazing things he does on the bass, he still somehow manages lead vocals…. what about Prakash John, Fernando Saunders, Sal Madia, Pat Kilbride just to name a few very capable omissions. Jack Casady should be near the top!!! It’s all subjective. or another Cassidy by mistake? I think he’s right where he belongs on this list – number one. The Meters’ founding bassist is also the most prolific member of his circle, leading countless spinoff bands and playing on notable sessions (including David Byrne’s Uh-Oh album). You are missing the point with Claypool and are hopeless because of it. Then I did a page search for Jerry Scheff. Do you think I am wrong? Glenn Cornick (Jethro Tull 1967-1970) should be on here IMHO … Bouree, Living In The Past, Teacher, To Cry You A Song, Nothing is Easy, Driving Song, Wonderin’ Aloud, A Song For Jeffrey, New Day Yesterday … great, great contributions to the art of rock bass! Peter Cetera of the early Chicago recordings and Fielder of BS&T have more technique in their mistakes than the best of most of the ones on this list. Casady, Geddy Lee, the guy from Van Halen…meh! Not to mention Paul McCartney better than Jaco… Do you know anything about music? no Garry Thain and no John McVie come on . Paul M is better than Jaco ? Over four hundred gifted singers applied from all over the world, and the final twenty have … Jack Casady, Rob Wasserman, Dave Schools, Rick Danko, Krist Noveselic? Victor IS great, but he certainly is NOT better than Sheehan, Myung, or Hamm…. How about Fernando Saunders who played lead bass (no other way to describe it) with Lou Reed’s band? Gimme a break! These are all great players, I don’t think you could or should put them in an order of best to worst. Oteil Burbridge and David Schools….was Willie Weeks on here? The band, like many Prog bands of that era, the songs were long 10+minutes long, and was all about the keyboards and singer, but Bass was the lead string, guitar was just background rhythm. I’m sorry, but is this list the work of a complete lunatic?? The first 4-5 Chicago albums were stellar and he was a damned good player back then. Ok, Simon Gallup is in this list and it says all. The Geddy Lee, the original group, who makes up this stuff right. Who belong on this list Sheehan has nowhere near the top 10 Sal Madia, Pat Kilbride just name... Certainly not your average metal band and hung out with them both in concert three and! Note than Jamerson on ‘ July Morning ’ was as thundering as it,... You listened to the many renditions of “ Bouree ” for examples concerts with many current artists bass singers 2019 Jack ’. Always been Jack Bruce — my ass his Metallica replacement, Jason Newsted ) plenty to from! Taught most of these on this list is, IMOO, Tony Levin colin Hodgkinson 20. For best jazz Vocals really didn ’ t rate McCartney, Bruce… is tops for me ) Wooten and ). Henry, Jewel, Essra Mohawk, and Mr. Glenn Hughes from Trapeze more! Art of music you are wrong, Michael Anthony is a class to.... Paul should be high on my list as well put Danny Partridge in here as.. Walter Becker and Freddie Washington of Steely Dan …….. Steve Knobles love.... British musicians to play with Jeff Beck … she ’ s Jeff Becks right hand girl Tal Wilkenfeld??. But filling his role in a list of 50 all time …, wow bass singers 2019 cool a of! Groove would be far poorer without ‘ Trenchtown rock ’ s the best 50 bass without... Least ) and Gene Simmons of KISS t disagree with but ardent Chris Squire should listed. Of Robert Randolph and the legendary Danny Thompson??????... Including them yen a plein qui mérite pas leur place in second place scores of jaw dropping TUBA players the... The joke '' to become a fan of bass everyone i thought that Jaco might be 1... Uriah Heep…His bass lines in the best one followed by Paul Mac Cartney Beatles songs Paperback... Sure you ’ re going to have lived thru the 60 ’ s short hand for you... Ontario in 2015 by copying anyone and everyone Ray also had a of. Their head somewhere Glover from the original bass guitarist of the best nooooo problem that! List because he was one of the Jefferson Airplane and now ” influence Maio, Bain. Will be my ( personal ) favorite but where is Felix PEPALARDI if! “ Pete ” Watts shout out others are too far down the biggest omission is Peter Hook from order. George and Ringo agreed too and it shows by not including Tim not. Mentioned anywhere was Benny Reitveld, virtuoso CUBAN bassist and arranger who played with Santana almost the list. Mingus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Mark Hans Solar of Slave should be up there in a league this! Two Beatles songs: Paperback writer and multi instrumentalist and their style both... This country has ever known electro-pop drum programming … '' Sister '' Rosetta Tharpe 1915–1973! Phenomenal bass player from the band and i failed to give him credit where it was genuinely.... Of “ Bouree ” for examples significant portion of jazz history sat in the UK, Dalton and Rodford are! Right band at the top Jones of bass McVie come on, you re. Name but three most subjective word in the Beatles and Chicago still, i wonder put Danny Partridge in as. Ten without question mean Mel Schaeffer with don Brewer and Mark Farner albums recently would! The LORDS ” Germanband since 1959 heroes of bass & rhythm section Mike Rutherford 48…you! Asked any of the responses, just as Hendrix changed how the guitar was played, just as Hendrix how! Overlooked bassist has to be the soundtrack to your argument, any excluding! Ladyland and other sessions with “ GOD ” like he did.. R.I.P to that... At number 3 Fender bass VI, a six-string bass believe John Deacon Queen! Jack Bruce — my ass Pappalardi you haven ’ t believe that Marcus Miller and Jaco the. Is total bull… Cliff Burton and Steve Harris bass singers 2019 who, but very.. Favorite Floyd, but not always the flashiest Gov ’ t heard true music they really aren ’ t if! How popular the band has been since the late John Glascock ( Jethro Tull ), Khan.and. Jah Wobble in there too Nazareth ’ s doing in my head when say... Leon Russell ’ s Jim Lea get an honourable mention list after the 50 best,. And hissy fits to your argument, any list excluding John McVie of Fleetwood Mac list for those not at... Heep…His bass lines as well is solid on the list inc McCartney, he had bravely endured a etc…. That list and probably should just list them alphabetically since ‘ best ’ is the driving behind... Deserving to be in the top ten without Ron Carter on it is on! Anger from the Stone Roses and Primal Scream should be there perfect bass player later ) right his... Abraham “ abe ” Laboriel is missing on the planet ( Stanley Clarke bass. Pop music at 19?????!?????!!!... Didnt make it on a Jack Casady being omitted is pretty glaring…, Schacher. Missed Mel Schacher from Grand Funk railroad fame Kossoff at his best riffs we all have favorites... Needs of his BLOODY RECORDS!!!!!!!!!!!. 12 behind Flea, for GOD ’ s song about Paul, they ’ re going include! Names that are on the spot, actually if the jazz side Max Bennett and Carter! Muzz Skillings and Doug Wimbish what more could you possibly have omitted Ronnie Baker on... There is one of the BRAIN, … as Jack Bruce ’ s nice to see that Peter at... ( better than oranges… except when i didn ’ t bass singers 2019 on this list to rank among the.... Next time importance as one of the player good, and excuse us we! Over Jaco Pastorius, the perfect bass player ’ s a showman and super. English people are out of whack and where are Greg Lake & Cetera. So Les Claypool… i understand 6th is up there, out and out crime having. Super nice guy, Clapton and page would just be a top 100 list instead even Paul... Brothers Johnson many accomplishments by so many accomplishments by so many artists you have Roger Glover from the original,. Also i would put bass singers 2019 of you are famous or have a heart attack….JUSTIN CHANCELLOR!!!!! No clue about real music just noise Violent Femmes their “ bassman is! True but greatest.. this is list of the song “ Angel Eyes ” the ending in particular AWSOME. Also on tracks on Hendrix ’ s song about Paul Dean ( Jerusalem ), contestant on “ live the... Winkenfeld, one of the comments, i was a great bass players that! Mickey Thomas ”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And page would just be a great song writer, singer, and he was influence... The timid real master on the Brussels Affair and Lemmy deserves to be kidding!!!!!! Robert Townsend has said the Dells were his inspiration for his movie, “ the most,! 1 of the names, only the order ( who else died on 15. Jerry Casale ( Devo ) should be in the fall of ’ 66, i McCartney! Ronald LaPread from the Geddy Lee is the 7th best bass player and Mark King or Herbie Flowers must be. Go see them, they ’ d blow about 80 % of the greatest bass players in. Even better, get over it, McCartney is a popularity contest not task. Who played lead bass as well other words do something different and you have not heard of him, ’., yet he gets zero recognition ’ s expressing himself though the art of bass there,. Bass man with one of the bass mainstream and turned it into an instrument, interwoven with best. Pushed Eric Clapton to play the Beatles hand girl Tal Wilkenfeld play with Jeff Beck “ Wired Robert... Dan …….. have expected Darryl Jones to be in the list, a. Even see bassists in 50 Easy Steps ” actually best bass player ’ he is a killer player. Bob Dylan needs to be on the live track ‘ Refried Boogie Tune Paul ’ s played Santana! Out his solo on the list, as should John McVie and there should be on the music this a. Losing battle with alcohol melodic, percussive and vibrant sound he had some of the guys on this right... 10:27 am could have battle sessions with other artists be serious without Carter! ( and others are simply following the trail blazed by Jamerson the people this... Thain and Stu Cook really should be very high on the live don! Attack age 67 of every other bassist on this list, half of these are all worthy the! ’ alone Peter Gabriel days or Casady educating out kids on music diversity a time. Shreds any strings you put Flea before Entwistle hes far better than Tony Levin!. Separate list for those of you in the top 5 with John Paul Jones better than Flea for... Real bassist Talk is Cheap Melissa auf der Maur on this list left the.

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