Pamela is a painter/printmaker raised in Minnesota, and now residing in the Hudson River Valley. Her favorite “playgrounds” as a child were fields and woodlands abundant in foliage, wild flowers, and insects. She has always been fascinated by form/function relationships in science and nature. In her mid-thirties, she switched careers and pursued a degree in studio art. Three additional years of study in printmaking followed. Since 2005, her mixed media work has utilized encaustic (beeswax mixed with damar resin), pigment sticks, hand pulled prints, photographs, and wood to create art that reflects her background in science and her engagement with nature. Pamela’s work is in private and corporate collections across the United States and Canada, and has been in solo and group shows nationwide, including the Gallery at R&F, Mid-Atlantic New Painting, and Lanoue Fine Art in Boston. She has received a fellowship to the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, and has twice presented at the International Encaustic Conference. She has written for ProWax Journal, and has taught encaustic workshops in Virginia and the Truro Center for the Arts on Cape Cod. Pamela joined the teaching staff at R&F Paints in 2018.