Artist Statement

I make art to navigate and express reactions to the dichotomies of life in an increasingly populated and technological world. The contemplative quiet experienced in nature rests in contrast to the complexity of systems to be dealt with daily. My work is based on observation and metaphor, sometimes referencing specific elements in nature, sometimes implicating place or inferring intricate cellular structure, sometimes reacting to social and political issues. Opportunities to fly cross country in a single engine plane at low altitude, hike and drive routes from the southern U.S. to Prudhoe Bay, AK, and study human physiology and medicine, significantly impact my imagery.

I tend to work in series that employ consistent techniques and intent. Recently my focus on printmaking and 2-D painting with encaustic has expanded to embrace additional media and more 3-D work. Hours in the studio may be quiet and meditative, or more physical and vigorous reflecting the current focus.

Change and evolution are constants in life, creating a duality of desire to retain ideal moments and places, while keeping up with the present and planning for inevitable future adaptations. Two quotes seem to sum up this duality as experienced in the studio: from Agnes Martin, “This painting I like because you can get in there and rest…” and Georgia Okeefe, ”I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way-things I had no words for.”

March 2021