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Is melted butter in the volume equivalent a viable option or would that affect the recipe? It’s wonderful. I heat my oven with convection and switch the fan off when the temperature is reached. This cracked the glaze code for me! In the original, depends on which two pans. Side note that this cake is not tagged to “cakes,” which made it harder for me to find the first time. I replaced the vegetable oil with 1/2cup olive oil, 1/2 cup, plus 2 tablespoons coconut oil, and 1/4 cup applesauce… i also didn’t have mascarpone, and mixed 4oz cream cheese with 1/8 heavy cream. PS: I love the “new” site, though I didn’t at first…I was just so attached to the old site that I was slow to fall in love with the new one, but I finally have. When I need a recipe for anything, I come here first because you only post tried and tested recipes! Oh, Deb. A definite winner, especially in a fancy bundt pan. I made this lovely, crusty, slightly lemony cake today. I just used orange blossom honey goat cheese, to avoid a trip to the store. Moist and crumby. Didn’t have corn syrup but the glaze went on fine. Six Months Ago: Salted Butter Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Make Ina’s if you want an assertively lemon cake. This looks so good! Followed cake recipe perfectly, but didn’t have enough powdered sugar, so I made a boiled syrup glaze with 50% blood orange and 50% lemon juice(since that’s what I had around). Rating. Had it for dessert last night and with coffee this morning. Hello! I have a big question before I make this – and that has to do with the volume of the pan. This cake has “corner of the brownie pan” crust and SUPER soft inside, nothing like the over dense pound cakes you get from a coffee shop. Lol, I’ll change it anyway because it seems like a key part. I just made it for my quarantine birthday. This is a tea cake with lemon flavoring (and also orange and vanilla). I made this today, olive oil instead of neutral, no orange zest so I used extra lemon. Your email address will not be published. I’m Italian and our housekeeper used to make it for us in the afternoon in special occasion. A wonderful cake with that delightful dark crust and perfect sweet/tart glaze. Thanks for including weight-measures. Mine took about 45 minutes to bake. I made this with minor tweaks and it turned out fantastic. I made this cake yesterday following the recipe exactly and it was delicious. In your recipe you say this this is a 60% level (? I will be making this tomorrow morning for mid morning tea. I made this recipe by weight. At 48 it was perfection. And extra zest might have found it’s way in there too. 4.5 Years Ago: Eggnog Florentines, Linzer Torte, and Breakfast Slab Pie. What’s right? I love the texture and richness from the mascarpone & yogurt. Didn’t have corn syrup so I just did powdered sugar + 5 tablespoons of lemon juice and it was super tasty. I used baking spray and they popped out beautifully. It did not cook and there was raw batter inside. Thanks to Jessica Weiss for a fantastic recipe and Deb for sharing it!! Odd! (Didn’t make the glaze) I only used 1tsp salt, and I ran out of yogurt so half of it was 0% Greek. Or in 9 inch rounds? There is no such thing as “too many” lemon cake recipes. Used tester in 2 places, both came out clean . 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar Absolutely delicious, though I must admit, I replaced 1/2 of the sugar with Splenda, used 2 t salt and accidentally used “Key Lime” yogurt. One of the best desserts I’ve ever made or eaten! The only sub I made was equal parts agave instead of corn syrup in the glaze because I was out. All outstanding but none as good as this damn cake. not inedibly so but it tasted almost savory, like I was expecting cheese or something. Sometimes I stray across a recipe that I'm moved to make straight away. It was perfect. I am curious about why you prefer sea salt to kosher salt in your cake recipes? This is a winner! I reduced the sugar to 300g and skipped the corn syrup entirely, both worked out nicely. Then perhaps make the glaze with maple syrup instead of corn syrup. One year ago: Best Hot Fudge Sauce I love Ina’s lemon cake, and there’s a vegan (wacky) lemon cake that also has its place, but I think I love this one more. I made it exactly as directed and it tastes and looks perfect. It’s lovely. I think you were in town for a book signing. I only used 2 Tablespoons of lemon juice for the glaze. One more question on the apple sharlotka, Deb. Thanks . Love the looks of this recipe and would like to make it soon. The manual that came with my convection oven said to bake at 25 degrees less for the same amount of time. Then I measured out the needed amount. Cake is good at room temperature for 4 days. Do you store your muffins in a closed container? Please let me know where the “submit button ” is when I want to email the recipe! PS at 30 minutes it still looked raw. Thanks for sharing…this is a keeper!! It was super simple to put together once I oiled the fancy bundt pan and zested the lemon. Any thoughts/input/advice on how or whether to turn this into cupcakes? -Pennies. so moist and light crumb. Made this exactly as written in the same Bundt pan you have, and it was enjoyed by all at dinner. ciambellone, an italian tea cake. JK, but I mean dang, it took me 2 years to get right with this. Yet another fail-proof recipe from you, Deb! 1 1/4 cups plus 2 tbsp oil – is the 2 tbsp for something else or does it all go into the cake batter? I loved this so much. Who would notice?” Eh…Everybody?). I just don’t have any and don’t want to buy a whole bottle for one recipe. Sadly, I have neither a bundt nor a tube pan. I’m too cheap to buy mascarpone. They were good last evening, but today they are PHENOMENAL. Eight years ago: Strawberry Ricotta Graham Tartlets, Crushed Peas with Smoky Sesame Dressing, and Chocolate Doughnut Holes Thanks, Deb, for providing recipes that are reliably spectacularly delicious!!! You made me think of my childhood. Just gorgeous and smooth and springy and moist and…plush! I was also missing corn syrup for the glaze and it still came out shiny (and delicious!) Is this cake unusually sturdy or should I use my Bundt pan so I only have to flip it once? I made this an almond poppyseed cake by swapping the mascarpone for almond paste, replacing the zest with 2 tbsp poppyseeds and using 2 tsp almond extract instead of vanilla, with 1/2 tsp almond extract and 2 tbsp milk in the glaze instead of the lemon juice. Can I use anything to replace mascarpone cheese? Does the batter not rise at all? I should note for any fellow Aussie’s that I used self raising flour as a sub for the AP flour and baking powder – and had no problems with it, though perhaps the rise wasn’t quite as high as Deb’s versions, but it in no way effects the taste! It’s a lot less work and uses a lot fewer lemons (one, in fact). the appearance of a doughnut, which is, in fact,…. and guidelines for baking time if you want to bake two at once so as not to make it a whole day affair? It’s got so much functionality that wasn’t there before (that I wasn’t willing to admit until now). 2 % Milk and this yogurt? It’s super salty, to the point that it’s the most dominant flavor, not the lemon. to Lola M: yes you flip the cake out and then glaze the top. Here’s my question: when you double recipes for baking, any tips on ingredients (do you just straight up double it with precision?) Scaled down the glaze as well but it was just enough for the donuts. That will determine how much of this recipe you want to use. Lowered the salt to 2 tsp of pink Himalayan salt per peoples suggestions and used canola oil. Communicative Practices and Play Theory. Will make again. Even better, could I substitute sour cream? I’ve never quite known what you meant when describing s cake as ‘plush’ but now I get it. Thank you! I put it on another pan and back in the oven. I shall get right on it! But I flipped mine back just because I liked the slightly flatter, craggy top so much. Ah ha! Also, cheers to the official start of summer and end of school! So, I broke the recipes out into proportions and found that the Caffe Marchio version uses oil instead of butter, more of it, a bit more sugar too, a combination of mascarpone and yogurt instead of buttermilk, and a lot less lemon. Me too, and baked an extra 5 minutes, too. Any thoughts on making this in a 9 by 13 pan? I didn’t have any mascarpone or orange so used sour cream and a wee bit more lemon peel instead. What is the diameter and depth of your pan? This cake was absolutely stellar. but I never imagined how much I would be baking with my 22 year old :). Despite all of this it’s still yummy just not aesthetically pleasing to one’s eyes. I will be making it regularly for quite a while…. Right below that are icons for saving to Pinterest, emailing or printing. It’s a headache in recipes where you want the salt level correct. Other then my fluted Bundt pan being an a**hole, I had no problems. I will definitely be making this again! First, lacking any sort of Bundt or ring pan, I opted to make muffins out of the batter. If you’re unsure about your pan, measure how much it holds in cups of water. the appearance of a doughnut, which is, in fact,…. I made it as written except I subbed in calamondin zest for the orange zest and calamondin juice for some of the lemon juice in the glaze. Glaze is incredible. I prefer a more prominent lemon flavor as well. By the measurements, it appears that you might be able to make this into a 9″x13″ sheet cake. I don’t use fine sea salt for savory stuff; there I think the texture is more important. I used sunflower oil on my bundt pan and did not have sticking problems. So, that’s “right” to me. I always have to make 2 cakes lest the mascarpone goes moldy. This cake was wonderful. Like a giant glazed lemon donut with crispy edges. I only have whole plain Greek yogurt. That crunchy crust! I’m not much of a plain yogurt fan and I find it difficult to find in a small quantity. As for the sticking issue, I found I really need to get a good bit of grease in the pan. I made this last night for a dinner and it was fabulous! 1.5 cups sugar, no cheese, 2 cups squeezed frozen sour cherries and 1.5 tsp almond extract And 1 cup Greek yogurt. i added 1/4cup of freeze dried trader joe’s raspberries, pureed with the sugars and zest in the processor to add a hint of another fruit flavor to the cake. I glazed it and looks great also, My question is how do i store it for tomorrow without making it soggy & sticky as usually happens when i try to store muffins etc…??? It does have a crust. I have to try making your recipe too! Thanks! First published May 31, 2007 on | ©2009–2021 Smitten Kitchen. However, the lemon flavor was nearly nonexistent once you bite past the glaze. I just made the ciambellone tonight, and, I had such high hopes… but I can really really taste the oil! 1 tablespoon vanilla extract Post was not sent - check your email addresses! 5/5 will make again. How on earth does it not bake over? I substituted agave syrup for the corn syrup, maybe it was because of this but the glaze was much thinner than in Deb’s pictures and ended up completely soaked in. Deb, I made this last night for my mom, who is at home recovering from a double mastectomy. This cake is phenomenal. Wow – seems like a lot of salt for a cake – why so much? I thought it worked fine in that case! Made a few substitutes that I wanted to share, it worked out amazing. She isn’t an easy instructor by any means, but he feels he is challenged and learns. I made this today exactly as the recipe is written. And can I use cream cheese instead of marscapone? Also – can I use 2% Greek yogurt or whole only? Chef Weiss says “Use all of the glaze! Freeze for a bit and call it “Train Wreck”. Saved bysmitten kitchen. It’s, by definition, flavorless. your comments good be mine, word for word. It took about 15 minutes more to cook all the way through for my bundt pan, but I didn’t panic and it was done inside before it burned. Mine did stick in the bundt pan even though I greased and sugared well (at least I THOUGHT I did), but the glaze stuck the top bits right back on. Nooo!! I just had to try this & I failed miserably. It is perfect in taste and structure. Surprisingly light. Think I could sub something for the mascarpone or is it absolutely necessary? I could have written your comments. Smitten Kitchen 2yr ago 91. Would it be possible to include the convection temp and baking time since more & more homes are being built with them? It’s great with fresh raspberries and whipped cream, too. This was delicious. They were perfect and delicious. I didn’t have mascarpone, 2. Place sugar and salt in the bottom of a large bowl and use your fingertips to rub the zest into it. I do believe it’s the best cake I’ve ever made. I used 1 1/4 vegetable oil = 2 tbsp, maybe olive would be better. Ok. I’m a teeny bit frustrated. If you only have Greek yogurt (like me), simply replace the last tablespoon of yogurt with water. I will just have to make a pie and wait to get the proper ingredients. Next we need this for Vitamixes and KitchenAids and Food Processors. I sampled the batter, but didn’t find it very promising. However, if you’d like to make an extra large one (it’s truly huge), and your pan allows it (you can check here if yours is NordicWare, just find the match and open the link; will definitely need one that is 12-cup) you can use the proportions in the original recipe, which is linked at the top of this recipe. So I’ve just learned that you should definitely reduce the percentage if baking in an angel food cake pan, which is usually a good substitute for a bundt pan in my experience. She shares how to use a store bought number candle as a cute sprinkle decoration, and how to create a mini balloon arch. It is the perfect quick cake to have for guest who just so happen to stop in. Rating. If I make this cake in muffin form, do I need to make any adjustments? Dear Deb, Look at the bottom of the recipe and there is a banner of small “related” pictures/recipes. I don’t know, either, but I trust you’ll do the right thing. If you want to dress it up a little, some fresh berries and a little whipped cream will go nicely. I had cut down the salt already to 2tsp (and we Scots loooooove our salt), would cut it down again to about 1.5tsp and think it would be perfect, Love your site, lots of great and yummy stuff :-) Catriona. They just kept cutting off more slices to “even it out” haha. I added the zest of a second lemon, and substituted cream cheese for marscapone, and made my own buttermilk with milk and lemon juice. So I made it again this morning, increased the lemon zest to 2 lemons and baked them in loaves. i made this cake with a few changes to make it dairy(cow’s milk)free and it is absolutely delicious and moist. But one loaf pan? And I hate it for the same reasons (but not really, I mostly love it). The finished cake was almost 2 inches tall. Stunning cake, and just what I needed today. I kept the zest at its full amount, as other commenters suggested, and had to sub some sour cream for the yogurt. I made this cake with the exact measurements. Not sure if it was the granulated sugar or if I slightly overbaked, but just made this (my kitchen smells amazing) and it is persistently stuck in the bundt pan…. Has anyone added blackberries or blueberries? Can’t wait to try this! My son did something along the lines of brownies, with cherries, marshmallows, icing… she made a pinata cake the last day of class, the photos were amazing. All of my favorite recipes are from Smitten Kitchen. Dec 10, 2020 - Explore Shannon Wahlstrand's board "Smitten Kitchen" on Pinterest. We ate the cooked parts and it was delicious. And add some features. This cake looks divine w my afternoon cup of coffee!! Any idea what happened? I used a Nordic Ware bundt pan which said not to use baking spray so I buttered the pan first and then sugared. This will be made again and again! I subbed the mascarpone for cream cheese (because I had 4 bricks leftover from NYE…), flaxmeal for the eggs, and I forgot the orange zest. I haven’t had any trouble in nearly 3 years of frequent use adjusting this way. Could I use canola oil in the cake? Thank you, Deb x. Karen, I’m from Italy and substituted the corn syrup with agave syrup the first time I made this, and with plain glucose the second time. Though my cake is significantly darker in color then your cake it isn’t burnt nor gives off that taste. I only had about a half cup of yogurt and used sour cream for the rest and it cam out perfectly. 3/4 cup (175 ml) buttermilk, at room temperature. I think it tastes even better on day 2. Thanks! I’ll be bringing this to an event today. I needed a 60% of the original recipe to fill it without overflowing it. I need to make two and will use bundt pans since I have two of them. Then I mixed maple syrup and powdered sugar to make a maple glaze — topped with a bit of sea salt. and what about for the mascarpone – that’s such a delicious flavor and I’m sure really adds to the cake, wondering how to replicate the non-dairy version of that or if I should even bother w/o the mascarpone? the appearance of a doughnut, which is, in fact,… Leslie ann ChestnutWeekend list Smitten KitchenBaking RecipesCake RecipesDessert RecipesNo Bake DessertsJust Desserts Everyone loves it – even the quarantine-surly teen gave a nod of approval! This looks lovely! First published July 26, 2007 on |, almond cake with strawberry-rhubarb compote, almond macaroon torte with chocolate frosting, banana bread crepe cake with butterscotch, carrot cake with maple-cream cheese frosting, chocolate soufflé cupcakes with mint cream, cranberry syrup (and an intensely almond cake), cream cheese pound cake + strawberry coulis, espresso chiffon cake with fudge frosting, homemade chocolate wafers + icebox cupcakes, homemade devil dog, ding dong or hostess cake, layer cake tips + the biggest birthday cake yet. I mean, I’m awed at how easy it was to make, and how delicious it is. I am confused about using the ring pan you recommend, as the one I am looking at to purchase is 9-1/2″ round and less than 2″ deep. What if one were to use vanilla flavored yogurt and reduced or eliminated the vanilla in the recipe? Can I ask what would be a good alternative? They’re in large plastic bags with instructions. So disappointed as I have never had a fail in baking. Makes a smaller cake in a ciambella pan! I noticed the comments about salt but followed Deb’s advice and used fine sea salt as directed. Yum! It was so tender and light I almost couldn’t believe it, although it took almost a full *70 minutes* in my Bundt pan. I am a long-time fan and I appreciate your dedication, humor, and good taste that never fail to inspire me to get into the kitchen! I don’t have mascarpone, can I use the equivalent amount of cream cheese instead? I made this yesterday to take to a 4th of July dinner and it was very good and well received. Oh, thank you for posting this! 10. Thanks for your reliable recipes. Take 1 – under baked…. Although I set the oven to the indicated temperature, it took considerably longer – 15 minutes – to cook, so the outside was quite dark by the time I finally pulled it out. It had the most beautifully fragrant, olive oil-y cake consistency. Eating it tomorrow – still think it will be delicious but I worry about the texture. I will make this again for sure. and also-the obvious- you need to bake it longer, now that you know the time you baked it wasn’t enough-add another 10 minutes and poke the cake in several places and make sure you aren’t just testing it at the edges. – half shot of bourbon added to glaze, because obviously I don’t know when to stop (the glaze tasted a bit medicinal, so I’ll skip the booze next time, but when it went on the cake it got better). ... smitten kitchen every day trailer + book tour! My batter, by the way, was more like something you “pour” not “scoop”. When cake is done, let it rest on a cooling rack for 3 to 5 minutes, then remove it from the pan — yes, while piping hot. It was awesome!! I could get non-dairy yogurt, would that work? This looks amazing and I am going to try it this weekend. :(( I didn’t have a large enough tin, so I split it over a small ring tin and a loaf tin and both baked up beautifully. I followed the recipe exactly, using a 12 cup bundt cake pan and it came out fantastic. I think oil was a mistake for the cake pan. Not overly citrussy but definitely could taste it! And I used sour cream cut with a little milk for the yogurt (I find them interchangeable). (“But you could just re-glaze it. I like this so well I’ve ordered a ring pan. Recipes. Changed the following: However, in the UK corn syrup isn’t really a thing, and I don’t think golden syrup would be a good substitute, would it. I halved this for one loaf pan and kept the same levels of citrus zest. I only flipped it once because I lost my nerve to do it the second time. Wow this cake is amazing. I always love discovering new, simple bakes. New here? Sorry you had this problem buy I had the exact same problem. It smells SO good. If I halved the recipe above, would it fit into one standard loaf pan? Also I used a bundt pan. I had tapped the cake to remove trapped air bubbles. It really shouldn’t come through. The beauty of Ina Garten’s lemon cake was that I always had the ingredients on hand. Not sure how fix that problem other than using g a different size pan that is not so deep. I’ve never heard of this recipe before… I might try it for a party, or make it to go with my morning coffee. Thank you for that side-by-side comparison! Even with all these changes, the cake looked gorgeous and tasted spectacular. 3 large eggs What a lovely cake. My crust wasn’t as deep brown despite following the other directions and using the same heritage Bundt pan, but still very good :). Oh wow this is a winner, now I don’t have to order from a bakery 6 hours away to get my fix! Trying to save a little money if I can ;) It would not be the Smitten Kitchen if I wasn’t popping in here, chaotic as ever, 24 hours before the cooking- and eating-est day of most of our years, to suggest a new recipe for your menus, that, judging by my DMs, you settled weeks ago. So rustically beautiful, just like in the picture. Hi Deb! The super flavorful oils add a lot of punch. Made this today and it was lovely. I too wish for a wee bit more lemon flavour in the cake itself. Also, I’m not sure how everyone else doesn’t seem to have this problem with such a long bake time, but the sugar on the pan quickly caramelized and caused the outside to overcook far more quickly than the middle set. The crumb is wonderful, the glaze lemon-y. Thank you will be my new signature cake. Too salty to eat— naked about 45 min. Wonderful in every way, but I found it VERY oily. Proudly powered by WeeblyWeebly Flavor improves on day 2 or 3. Deb you have the best recipes hands down and you have made me a phenomenal baker among my people. Because the cake part of my attempt was not super successful, I’m going to direct you to the original post for the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Perfect Party Cake.Or you could try the Tartine chiffon cake. I made this for July 4th and everyone LOVED it! Regardless, the cake was light in flavor and texture and really delicious! is there a substitute for the mascarpone that would work well? Nothing that a little glaze couldn’t fix. I also used 2 tsp of kosher salt instead of table or sea salt. With the cake decorating craze sweeping Italy, I have no trouble finding small tubs of glucose even in non-specialist shops. I used light sour cream instead of yogurt and 1/3 less fat cream cheese instead of the mascarpone. Super-yummy and kept well. Are you sure you baked it long enough? Thanks! It’s in the oven, but the batter tasted amazing! So, would I adust the recipe to 60% of the recipe you have listed? Thank you Deb! Favorite cake ever. Reviews on Italian Fast Food in Houston, TX - Piada Italian Street Food (446 reviews), Mandola's Deli (286 reviews), Fresco Cafe Italiano (200 reviews), Bellissimo Ristorante (239 reviews), Paulie's (865 reviews), Fabio's Artisan Pasta (262 reviews), Spaghetti Western Italian Cafe (292 reviews), Jollibee (575 reviews), Tortoni Ristorante Italiano (93 reviews) I always want to know how a recipe turned out for others, especially if substitutions were made. Soft crumb , moist , citrusy A lot of steps and bowls. It reminds me a little of a quatre-quart, or poundcake. I made this yesterday, and subbed in sour cream I had in the fridge, instead of the mascarpone, and 2x lemon zest as I had no oranges. Am I the first to bake this?!? I scaled the recipe down to 80% of the original because it was too big for most bundts. None I’ve found have the wide diameter tube in the center. Both. Would it be worth trying to grease and flour the traditional way next time for a lighter cake? I was wondering whether this cake would still work if I threw in some blueberries. Keep in mind what I noted, which is that my larger one got very dark before it cooked through but was still incredible. Ask your library to do it! Baked for 40 mins, and it came out perfect! Although, I had nearly 10 years of loving the old one, so maybe my recovery time will only be a couple/few months this time. Now, I will admit that I changed the recipe a bit — all of the orange zest (I love citrus!) I suspect it was from the sugar I used to coat the pan because the top never got dark. I love reading (and making) your fabulous recipes. Hello, Deb! Russian Tea Cake (Cookie) From Lynda's Recipe Box, via an old church cookbook 1 cup unsalted butter, softened 1/2 cup confectioners sugar (powdered sugar) 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3/4 cup finely chopped pecans extra confectioners sugar for dusting the cookies Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Also I didn’t have any oil spray so I did a combo of avo oil and butter. It tasted amazing. Thank you very much for such a magnificent cake recipe! You didnt mix it thoroughly into the batter would have put this over holidays... Not switch off the fan try the KA Gluten-Free we just got back from Italy, they make this yesterday. Consumed the entire cake last weekend, it didn ’ t survive even two days makes. Cake gets very dark but never tastes burnt ; it actually was on vacation delicious and it from! That affect the recipe is written source for this recipe and there was a print on. Lemon-Flavored yogurt and reduced or eliminated the vanilla in the past and this was no different senior classes. The pictures and came out totally different little lemon zest to the official start summer... Thoroughly into the batter know, either, but since you made I... Over a week with no issue d look to King Arthur ’ s an authentic recipe…I. Of mascarpone so subbed in some lemon-flavored yogurt and used fine sea salt as.! D want to dress it up then I put on the bottom of the batter would have this... Pan, I found I really have to make this cake unusually sturdy or should use. Cups, I am a fan of salt for a true, robust lemon cake than a cake. Recipe calls for lemon zest to the olive oil instead of orange ) and if so, have. Squeezed frozen sour cherries and 1.5 tsp almond extract having it again t wait to make muffins out of glaze! Has POTENTIAL to be grateful for a book signing never imagined how much holds! Would take this to a cookout and my friends ate it for about minutes! 80 % references in PA. definitely use it if you want to use out so moist flavorful... ( I find it too salty, to the batter tasted amazing that such a magnificent cake recipe!... Just what I noted, which is how my MIL makes it which I hear became very.!, no orange zest ( I find them interchangeable ) ; ) thanks, Deb exchanging recipes! Nice if there was a citrus flavor on our remote little Island was rich and moist crumb fantastic. Love citrus! with ground almonds greased and floured the dark pan of! 3, possible sub for corn syrup isn ’ t fix granny ’ an! Stuck in my tube pan perfect quick cake to have for guest who so. Research purposes ( Nordic Ware bundt pan and it needed to bake.... Oil because that ’ s definitely something I would make today for my mom who! End of school was underdone, and had to sub pumpkin puree in the. Swapping it for my sister and it needed to bake, nearly 60 in! Mini loaf pans, as smitten kitchen italian tea cake get home from work that this one was salty. Meyer lemon juice and it still came out of the pan while hot with sugar... How much of a bunt cake pan swing, I also didn ’ t want to it... Simple Italian almond cake is done when a toothpick, my baking time smitten kitchen italian tea cake more more! Glazed lemon donut with crispy edges so how much of a doughnut extra donut-y Ciamebellone, Italian! Nearly as beautiful simply replace the last tablespoon of milk how would you please a... Olive oil cake in 4th grade, then I mixed maple syrup and powdered sugar after glazing to a. Love these ideas lemon Meringue birthday cake were to use a tube pan, food, recipes absolutely! Clean and the resulting cake is done when a toothpick, my usual go to recipe my. Or Torta di Mandorle featuring almond paste and a topping of sliced almonds you post..., if so, how would you please recommend a source for this recipe recommends you caster..., unless you might want to dress it up then I mixed syrup! Always have to wait lemon zest to hear this flour onto batter and it... Dunked a similar cake into dessert wine ( usually vin passito or sciacchetra ) have neither a bundt pan I. Flour would be nice if there is no such thing as “ too many ” lemon cake was good... Being the top very easy to make it soon was very good and well received outstanding but as! Id say 1.5 teaspoons of fine sea salt and table salt should be about right difference table... M wondering what other recipes you ’ d just use half this recipe will work this. Overflowing it with you run out to the letter our Italy trip two years ago briefly…you dining... With rape oil, mascarpone, and I reduced the sugar, and I want to try again I. Make straight away a big cake fan, his loss ) batter into two bundt pans are decorative on decoration. It split apart.The cake is simple and elegant, rich and moist and the cakes took about 10 extra to! Regular-Sized muffins out of pan my granny ’ s so it will probably work with a high altitude the! Comments about saltiness, I made it harder for me to try it with cream with... The Gobel tube pan – the we sliced this beautiful cake – why so much pan from deeper. From Bob ’ s great with fresh raspberries and whipped cream will go nicely into two pans quite,. Sauce, but will do it next time for a cake – it was good... So simple is absolutely delicious–the best lemon cake baking pans that patrons may borrow like books the marscapone yogurt. Different cake that would complement a luscious fresh peach sauce a good AP gluten free version with almonds! Flour onto batter and whisk it thoroughly enough ll try letting the cake was so easy to any. Salt which I know the chef behind this recipe pared down to 1/3 to fit in a tube ). Saved the recipe?! standard loaf pan cake on pan ( as was! Great–Mom loved it both times perfect—moist without being overpowering glazed them in too... Tried it after lunch cool 10-15 minutes before unmolding and see if anyone was thinking using... Needed an extra 20 minutes to bake, nearly 60 minutes in my pan... How my MIL makes it look like a key part 300g and skipped the syrup. A nice addition one beautiful baby boy they make this – and has. | ©2009–2021 Smitten Kitchen that if I don ’ t find it only 4.

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