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Payflow currently supports transaction in 10 leading currencies. A webinar was organized by Target Integration on ‘how to manage multiple clients and time log for their project in Zoho Books ’ by our experts Cynthia Olantunji and Prudhvi Dandu. PayPal Business Payments: Regardless of your invoice amount, the transaction fee charged by PayPal is just 50 cents. Added multi-select data type for custom fields. Provided a search option for addresses in the transaction creation page. To set up a payment gateway, click the Gear icon on the top right and select Integrations. Copy over address from estimate to invoice after conversion. Secure email data Stay professional with email@yourdomain.com. Customize each line item in all sales transaction templates. Zoho Expense - Books Integration. Expense custom fields and workflow criteria are now available based on receipts. Added the Vendor Credit Details report under the Payables section in Reports. Updated invoice template customization options. Then enter the following information and click Save. Provided the option to schedule and export the Invoice Details report in cases where there are more than 5000 records. Supports all countries except North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Myanmar (Burma.). You can set your invoices to be automatically sent to your customers at a future date. Introduced auto-generation of transfer order and bundling numbers. In this case, select the tab Bank Account Details and enter the customer’s bank account details. View GSTR-4 summary for a specified quarter. Our seamless integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books automatically syncs all your contacts, orders and help you manage financial data without breaking a sweat. Added support for search in the page tips section. View all the matched transactions if you've matched multiple transactions to a single feed. Provided the option to mark a cess created as Kerala Flood Cess (India). Added support to view custom fields of Charts of Accounts in the Account Transaction Reports, Account Type Transactions and Day Book. To configure BrainTree, click on the Gear icon on the top right hand side corner of the screen. SMS Notifications for Sign Up, Trial Period Expiry and Subscription Plan Upgrade. Get a list of 10,659 websites using Zoho Books which includes location information, hosting data, contact details, ... Switzerland 109 Netherlands 103 UAE 89 Spain 87.co 80 Belgium 73 Mexico 64.io 52 Ireland 45 Hong Kong 42 Italy 40 New Zealand 35 Austria 34 Kenya 29 Singapore 28 Brazil 26 Saudi Arabia 24.me 23 Japan 22 Chile 20 Philippines 14 Malaysia 13 Luxembourg 12 Sweden 12 Costa Rica 10 … View reports for estimates under Receivables --> Estimate Details in the Reports section. Your Training Edge. Provided an option to include the estimate number associated with the invoice while exporting invoices. Enter the following information and click Save. Page Tips added - access tips for using each page using this menu on the right. Service: Books Developed by: IT-Beratung Tobias Löbhard. 
Choose either from Standard or Compact template​ for your Bills template. (UK). Ireland +353 1 886 5684. Foreign currencies created in one system will be available in the other. Get started today. Use custom fields to add additional information related to the products you sell. Added the Comments and History section to manual journals. If you haven’t created a 2Checkout merchant account yet, click here to sign up now. Introduced permissions at role level for GST filing (India). Enabled Zia Search - Zoho's very own AI powered assistant to search for info across Zoho Books and other Zoho applications. But now you’re given that option to decide on whether the card address needs to be shown or not. Provided the option to include accounts with zero balance to the profit and loss account. Revamped the Custom Domain set up page with an intuitive and easy to use interface. Log in to Zoho CRM. In order for customers to make ACH payments, you need to enable Allow this customer to pay via his/her bank account option for your customers under Contacts edit section. Introduced the Advanced Autoscan which extracts information faster and faultlessly. The campaign was uncovered by FireEye, threat actor targeted many organizations worldwide the world by exploiting vulnerabilities in Citrix, Cisco and Zoho ManageEngine products.. Sign up for our 14-day free trial (No credit cards required) and enjoy full access to all the features of our professional plan. Headers can be added for the underlying items of a sales and purchase order. Provided the option to adjust the position of the addresses of your customers in their invoices by 30mm. Don't have a Zoho account? Foreign currencies created in one system will be available in the other. Provided the option to bulk update fields in recurring invoices. You can now create custom views and search for items based on their Preferred Vendors. Launched the Vendor Portal to make collaboration easier between Zoho Books users and their vendors. Profit and Loss Report, Balance Sheet Report and Trial Balance report can now be exported as an XLS file. All effortlessly! Introduced new reports: Account Type Summary, Account Type Trasactions and Daybook. Your sign-in request approved. Expenses by Project Report and Project Details Report. You can now make items tax exempt for purchase transactions (UAE edition). Introduced the Customer and Vendor Balance Summary reports to view the contact's balances as on a particular date. Introducted the Journals tab in the project details page to view all journals created/associated with a project. Negative values can be entered for item reorder point. Select the invoice for which a payment needs to be recorded. Import PDF bank into Zoho Books (for the Indian edition). For organizations integrated with Zoho CRM, the B2B and B2C customers can be categorized by marking them as Individual or Business customers. Introduced the Show/Hide Columns, Advanced Filter and Group by options in Refund History report under Payments Received. The option to choose billing preference, associate customers and projects have been moved to the line item table. We empower marketing, sales, product management and customer management leaders make the right decisions, execute accurate strategies and drive consistent business growth. As of now, WePay can only process transactions for businesses registered in the United States and can only accept payments in USD. After adding, select the email address in the WePay setup popup from the drop-down list. We have now introduced chat support for all our customers in the UK, USA and Canada. When cards are used for payment, the payer’s card information will be encrypted and passed to the payement gateway. Enabled email alerts for workflows (email alerts, webhooks, and custom functions) when they reach 80% and 100% of their limit. Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Peru Venezuela. Zoho Books is a smart accounting system designed for growing businesses. Export specific data from Zoho Books using Export Templates. Job Requirements: Minimum 1-2 years’ experience in Zoho One / CRM / Creator / Books Implementation, Customization, Integration & Automation. Provided option to submit and approve the transactions in bulk for bills, purchase orders and vendor credits. Provided the option to set the shipping address preference for PayPal. Sales By Customers & Purchases By Vendors Reports can be compared with their previous years or periods. The rates applied can also be deducted as credits while creating their bills (India). Introduced the Total Taxable Amount in Invoice and Credit Notes predefined templates. This feature is available for all templates except the Spreadsheet Plus and Retail templates. Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Peru Venezuela. Record bulk payments for bills you have created. Introduced ACH payments for the Zoho Books - Stripe integration (U.S. edition). 1. Enabled Custom Views and column customization for manual journals in Zoho Books. ; In the Zoho Mail Add-on page, click the “ Add Mail Account” link. Click here for more on PayPal’s page style option. Transactions that have invalid VAT details will be visible on the dashboard for customers to update them. Introduced additional filters, namely, customer and project name to filter timesheet entries. In compliance with Amazon Data Protection Policy, the PII associated with an order will be deleted after 30 days from the date of fulfilment in organizations with Zoho Inventory. Introduced reporting tags in manual journals for the United Kingdom and Australian editions. Zoho Subscriptions' integration with Zoho Books simplifies your accounting process by automatically syncing your recurring invoices to your Zoho Books account. With the Zoho Expense/Books integration you can sync and view your expense data from within your Zoho Books account automatically. Notifications are now sent to admins when a user modifies a payment gateway's settings. Users can now enable workflows for sales orders & credit notes. For example, a business etiquette course may be hosted on the Internet, while a sales training course may be run on a private intranet. We align cross functional teams together and empower them to find, win and retain customers. Secure email data Stay professional with email@yourdomain.com. Bcc field is now configurable in email templates. Introduced the Payments tab in the invoice details page to record/collect online and offline payments. U.S edition supports automated sales tax calculations. 
New Report: Mileage Expenses by Claimant. Payments action history can now be viewed in the payment details page. Your clients however can make payments only via an eCheck or PayPal balance. Transaction charges Support for adding tax exempt items to the retail invoice has been provided for the UAE & KSA editions. Give us a date and time to get in touch with you! When you setup this integration, the fields mentioned under Worldpay Settings will be shared with Worldpay. Edit clients' card details from client portal. Create new roles or edit existing user roles to grant the permission to submit VAT returns. Remarks that you add to a customer or a vendor will now be displayed when you create a sales order or a purchase order for them. Easily integrate your favorite business tools with Zoho apps without writing a single line of code. Out of Scope VAT treatment is now available for bills, recurring bills, purchase orders and vendor credits (UAE Edition). Kindly follow the steps below to make card address related changes: Zoho provides numerous world class apps in addition to Zoho Books, such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, etc. Rolled out the Android update 5.22.02 for the Zoho Books mobile app. Rolled out updates (v2.0.10.0) for the Windows app to allow users to create manual journals, journal templates, price lists and more. Introduced Business Performance Ratios report under Business Overview in Reports. Customers can now accept or decline an estimate directly from the public link that is shared with them. We offer Zoho implementation and Zoho consulting services for businesses in the Asia Pacific region including the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and Singapore. Provided option to submit and approve the transactions in bulk for bills, purchase orders and vendor credits. Emailed invoices, retainers and estimates can now be distinguished from those that weren't with the email icon on the list page. When users try to connect to their bank/credit card (via Yodlee) for fetching their bank feeds, they can view the corresponding success rate of fetching them, as well as the option to manually import/forward their bank statements directly to Zoho Books (Indian edition). Transaction charges Our seamless integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books automatically syncs all your contacts, orders and help you manage financial data without breaking a sweat. Grouped payment gateways based on their payment modes (US). Each account now has a unique 10-digit account code that can comprise of letters, digits, hyphen and underscore. Upload the files and documents that you've stored on Zoho Workdrive to Zoho Books. Now, click on the Try WePay button under WePay to get started. Added the option to print the transaction details page in the Banking Module. The online transaction fees will depend upon the charges specified by World Pay. (UK Edition). (India), Introduced an option to associate multiple tax registration information for vendors. ; Click “ Setup” “Personal Settings” “ Email Settings” “POP (Zoho Mail)”. We now support 6% composition scheme percentage (Indian edition). Provided an option under Item Preferences to prevent any activity that results in the stock level going below zero.

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