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I wanted to like this pizza. Sweet potatoes as toppings on pizzas or sandwiched between layers of bread are common sights, which should not come as surprising, if you are familiar with Korean culinary customs regarding potatoes. Potato Gold Pizza Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, ground beef, corn, onions, potato wedges, bacon, nacho chip flakes with sour cream on our signature sweet potato crust. Learned so much! One of most popular pizzas in South Korea is potato pizza, which contains big potato wedges and sour cream, surrounded by bacon pieces and sweet potato mousse at the crust. Domino's South Korea unveils Doublecrust Iberico Pizza - two crispy pizza crusts sandwiching sweet potato mousse, topped with Iberico pork, mozzarella, ricotta, Romano cream cheese, Quattro cheese fondue, bacon, potato, mayo, and sun-dried tomatoes (link fixed) 3. I won't be making this again. After the jump, check out my list of Top Ten Weird Asian Pizza Crusts, arranged from least weird to most bizarre. Unless otherwise stated, those variations of dried sweet potatoes consist of 100% sweet potato and are thus 100% vegan. The pizza is topped with a variety of traditional and savory pizza ingredients, as well as black tiger shrimp. While the mousse seems a little odd to us here in the States, Domino's regularly offers sweet potato mousse in South Korea as does Pizza Hut and a number of other pizzerias. Thus, some Korean diets suggest eating a meal with a certain amount of sweet potatoes instead of rice in order to reduce calories while remaining satiated and nourished. Add vanilla and powdered sugar and keep whipping until stiff peaks form again. . ( Log Out /  Then, of course, sweet potatoes can also be enjoyed simply as they are! ( Log Out /  , Isn’t the color fascinating? These are the instructions for how to make it: Spread peanut butter on a piece of raw celery and top it with raisins. Taste of black: animal- or plant-based food colors? Anyhow… Since sweet potatoes are sweet, how about having them for dessert? Depending on the brand, these may be produced either from sweet potato puree, which has been filled into molds to create sweet potato strips with uniform shapes (e.g. During my search for extreme Asian pizzas, I mostly noticed the range of unconventional crusts, ranging from those stuffed with hot dogs to crusts filled with sweet potato mousse. Sweet potato fries are another popular street food in Korea. vegetable! In Korean cuisine, the tubers as well as the greens are consumed and most of the resulting foods are either vegan by default or veggie-friendly! ***, Especially during the colder months, sweet potatoes are precious companions. I will say that if Korea is warning you that something is hot,heed that warning! ❄️ On a chilly and lonely winter day, what better treat is there than an oven-roasted sweet potato? This wan't a typical, dainty breakfast pizza. Another indulgent street food item involving deep-frying is mattang (맛탕). However, I am also vegan/vegetarian since 2006, which has drastically changed my world of food. Roll out the dough in circular shape and spread tomato sauce. Did you think of sweet potato fries, yet? A sticky and ideally also crunchy experience for the sweet-toothed. I liked the Potato Gold more because it had my favorite things (aka potatoes and bacon) as toppings lmao. pepperoni, mushroom, red onions, green bell peppers, sausage, black olives, mozzarella, provolone, garlic, and tomato sauce. ***) There are countless sources claiming that sweet potatoes can aid weight loss. Why not! Home recipes for goguma-malaengi suggest to slowly dry pieces of sweet potatoes in an oven. Since they absorb flavors very well, these sweet potato noodles are added to certain stews and stir-fry dishes. Take them out of the stock, soup, or multi-cook pot and dump contents into a colander. Very, very bland. Cheers! ( Log Out /  In theory, it is what the name implies – sweet potato with milk. (You may use the pizza dough on sale in any grocery stores.) “pumpkin sweet potato”. Served in easy to carry cups, the fries make a quick and delicious snack. If you enjoy nibbling on something crunchy, then how about sweet potato chips? This one started with WordPress. This Sweet Potato Mousse is silky smooth and lightly sweetened. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. These unlikely food items, tang soo yook and kimchi, met up and threw a pizza party in Daejeon to create a whole new flavor. Great pizza, but after my experience, I can see why Mr. Pizza only has an average rating. But it doesn’t end there, everything from Chinese food to kimchi is going on pizza, and that’s just a single pizza! Flaming Pizza Applying this on sweet potatoes results in Korean goguma-twigim (고구마 튀김), which are slices of sweet potatoes with a soft center underneath a crispy, golden crust – a favorite at many street food stalls! If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. Super surprising in K-town. Depending on the moisture of the sweet potato, add more sugar or whipped cream. The pizza was bomb.com! Yams are now very slowly discovered by local German farmers but orange seems to be the only colour in my area. Over in South Korea, the latest from Domino's is the new Doublecrust Iberico Pizza, which features two crispy thin pizza crusts sandwiching a layer of sweet potato mousse, topped with fancy Iberico pork. But besides these obvious instances, sweet potatoes can be discovered in other parts of Korean cuisine as well! Last year, Domino's South Korea introduced the Doublecrust Iberico Pizza with the same format and a layer of sweet potato mousse. This is a lot of manual work and it takes time and patience to skin an amount large enough for consumption. Mar 23, 2019 - A daily blog featuring mostly fast food reviews, fast food news, and fast food culture. I love that purple colour there! **) Read “popular” in quotation marks, as most dieting people grow tired of eating sweet potatoes at some point. Koreans have goguma-seutik (고구마스틱)! Thank you!~ The color is an eye-catcher, right?! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. September 2016: All-You-Can-Drink Beer $14.99. Kimchi Pizza Tang Soo Yook Additionally, the pizza comes topped with black tiger shrimp, horseradish sauce, bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, pineapple, parmesan, and mozzarella. Here, we take a look at six types of “pizza” offered in Korea. Sweet potatoes in cake? Then, how is Korean pizza is different? During the sweet potato diet, you can eat sweet potatoes … 4. ], But sweet potatoes are SWEET! Immediately put potatoes back into the stock pot and mash while the potatoes are still hot. The entire plant does not need to be wasted after harvesting the tubers!!! Among those toppings, there are some ingredients that you may have never saw on pizza before, such as sweet potato paste, sweet corn, seasoned potatoes… 2. The sweet potato craze continues — this time at Pizza Hut. A liquid meal to go. 2) Sweet potato mousse stuffed pizza: A really yeasty puffy crust stuffed with fluffy sweet potato mousse. After all, “sweet potato pizza” is a standard at most Korean pizza stores and one of the few vegetarian options available. Just to mention the most distinct ones: The “purple sweet potatoes” (jeok-goguma 적고구마 / jasaek-goguma 자색고구마), which are most prominent in dessert items because of their color, are actually rarely found in raw form. Sweet Potato Kale Pizza is a delicious and easy plant-based, vegetarian pizza option that makes for a fun homemade pizza night!

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