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I'm closing tank and selling my cichlids in bulk. Red Devil female Flying fox fish 5-7cm $10 each for 5 for $40 Three Black widows, $15 for all three. We sell live freshwater fish and ship them to your front door.. Click here for more about how we Ship Live Pet Fish. 15 days ago. They are 3-3.5cm. Prize Polleni Male 10inch Bristlenose catfish 1-2cm $1.50 each 1 x large angel fish The 1,828 sq. - ghostknife PetWave caresheets are general guides. Redtail Catfish, for sale, buy Mobile Search Apps Ordering Shipping Delivery About Newsletter DryGoods : OVERNIGHT SHIPPING is usually $36.99 . 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Aquarium fish and plants in Melbourne for sale online. :: Live Aquarium Fish delivered to your door View 27 homes for sale in Melbourne, AR at a median listing price of $191,400. Freshwater catfish are often confused with estuary catfish and are considered by many to be rather unattractive. Hi all. redtail catfish Pets and Animals in Florida at classifieds. Free Shipping Freshwater Catfish (Tandanus tandanus) Also known as freshwater jewfish, tandan, dewfish and eeltail catfish. Our Catfish are packed carefully and delivered direct to you with a 100% live fish guarantee. 12cm male available $60 Natural, Farm Raised Catfish. They are 3-3.5cm. Red tiger Oscar 20cm $100 Breeding consistently in the community tank with many offersprings produced regularly. Generally bottom feeders, they will eat any food that is left by your perch, and help to clean up the droppings from your perch. Hi all. 25-33cm - $81 - heater 1 red shoulder peacock Don't bother asking for cheaper. Hatchet fish medium size $10 each or 6 for $50 Premium Aquarium Fish for Sale Online. 2 for $140 Located South Eastern Suburbs. We scour high and low to be able to bring you fresh beers of all styles from Local and International breweries. Fish tank shut down. Red hump head 6cm $45 Corys 3-5 starting $5 Also have a couple of bristlenose catfish will chuck in if you get all off them, I have some L080 fry for sale. Bichir $300 paid $350 just before Christmas Green Severum Fish: 2 x Sucking catfish 1 x Clown loach 1 x Platy 2 x neon tetra Pick up from glen iris. Our fresh frozen catfish fillets are a Healthy, Low-Calorie Source of Protein & Omega-3s. Hardy native catfish, suitable for both unheated and heated tanks. We can now delivery to your door, locally or via courier. Australia Wide African and American cichlid fish Need to sell quickly. Common bristlenose catfish for sale from 1000 each Albinos bristlenose catfish for sale from 1500each swordtails from 1000 each, 1264716674. . Royal Whiptail catfish 7cm $54.95. MORE AVAILABLE IN 8 WEEKS. Gold Stripe - Corydoras Aeneus 3cm Corydoras Aeneus . These are actual photos of the product been use. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. pH range: 6.4 to 8.0 Silver Shark Colour variations from gold spots, grayish to brown. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Catfish House locations in Melbourne, FL. Returning to Australia for the annual Splendour In The Grass festival, Catfish And The Bottlemen have announced they will play headline shows in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth. 100g = $80 - Large goldfish AVAILABILITY: 3-4 years of age (capable of breeding) 3 red zebras - 2f, one big male L201@ 5.5 to 6.5 cm Sourced from various suppliers initially. Pearl horseface 7.5cm $60 - filter and filter media Temperature: 10-28 degrees celcius Because of its mild and delicious flavor, our catfish lends itself to nearly any cooking style. Check Price. 7/120-126 Taren Point Road Taren Point, NSW, Australia +61 2 9525 3474 +61 2 9525 3696; Mon-Fri 10am - 5:30pm | Sat 9am - 5pm | Sun 10am - 5pm Some male is almost 15cm and smaller size for the females. Convict 3-5 cm $5 each We have a large range of Catfish for sale. Add to Cart. (2) (321) 728-7200. I have a few peppermints available at Please read 7 Reasons that the Colour of my Aquarium Fish look Different to the Photos for more information.. PetWave source the majority of our premium freshwater fish from superior quality local Australian growing facilities. I have Salmontail Catfish for sale approx 20cm. All fish are healthy , active and happy to be in the community tank or a special breeding tank is set up for them would be nice. Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. If you're just starting out and need some advice or even if you're trying to improve … 1-Blueberry ob zebra 9cm $80 Male 2 petricola catfish They are named for their armor-like longitudinal rows of scutes (a bony external plate or scale overlaid with horn such as the shell of a turtle or the skin on a crocodile) that cover the upper parts of their head and body. Pinoy angel breeding pair, $120 for the pair. pick up cranbourne west, Selling my fish and aquarium as I'm moving interstate. Add To Cart. Two small discus, $30 each, $50 for both. :) Includes types of food, water treatments, etc. Please bring a bucket. On hand list: $100 the lot - substrate 1 male convict cichlid Take the lot for $240 Location is Airport West. Pleco, L number, bristlenose, catfish SOLD OUT. L Pleco and Catfish. Add To Cart. 1-Lethrinops red cap 12cm $300 Male - led light bar They are native to the Mekong delta and are rare to find in Australia. All animals and their situations are unique so please independently verify PetWave care before putting any advice into practice. 3 -4 bristlenose catfish Pleco, L number, bristlenose, catfish SOLD OUT. NEW YEAR SALES: 10% OFF Rating: 100%. 1-Naevochromis chrysogaster 11cm $300 Male Asking 330 for both. Our first priority is to make sure your pond is stocked right the first time. 10 fish for $29. 1 x catfish Copyright © 2007-2021 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. Size roughly about 17cm, Koi angels, discus, pinoy angel breeding pair, black widows for sale, Shut down one of my tank, some fishes need new home. 1 hongi Pickup Sunshine Melbourne, Hi all. - driftwood and heaps of ornaments 4cm peppermint catfish $20ea. - many Bristlenose catfish (multiple mating pairs and currently have eggs) some very big in size Jaguar Mâle Fishing for Shopping Tips on Catfish. $9.75 As low as $7.80. Red Horseface Male Compare. Click on a picture below to shop and learn more about the fish in that category. They are nocturnal and quite shy, I was told with a dedicated tank, a bit of patience and some luck you can breed them. - 4 kuhli l. Selling bristlenose catfish in bulk. They are use to breed guppy or hold fry. 425g = $150 Also available I have some Peckoltia Lineola fry for sale. Shipping YES at buyers cost. Catfish can be a very valuable member to all aquariums as they can help with cleaning and or algae eating. Air pump driven -3ft tank with matching double door cabinet Size 17 x 13 x 13 cm 12 of mixed sex breeding colony of bristlenose. (SOLD) - 2 ft sump Compare. Pickup Sunshine Melbourne, Selling my fish tank as moving house and can't bring it along with me. Compare. 22 July 15 Sold together or seperate $80 each... Victoria PRAHRAN 3181 Tickets & Traveling More info. Or only $17.99 to Southern California. Tank: 20L BluePlanet tank with filter and heater. Ft. single family home built in 2019 that sold on 08/13/2019. Cochlea;ids and Pond Fish available from our Melbourne Aquarium Shop. - Other native fish 2 cobalt zebras - male Discus 10cm $50 1-Taiwan reef $150 Male See the description. Dogs And Puppies For sale Looking for a new best pal? Gold Marble Sucking Catfish 5cm Gyrinocheilus Aymonieri . 2-Cuckoo catfish 13cm $150 both Vieja Fenestratus x Zonata Juveniles coming soon if interested place an order Tags: The vacant lot last sold on 7/31/2020 for $115,000, with a recorded lot size of acres ( sq. El Indio Restaurant. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. MORE AVAILABLE IN 8 WEEKS. Selling with a supply of food and chemicals to last a few months. 7-8cm male and females available $40 Tags: Pleco, L number, bristlenose, catfish SOLD OUT. Buy live online Catfish now available at PetWave, the majority of which are sourced from superior Australian facilities. 1-Dimidiochromis strigatus 11cm $300 Male View 20 photos for 403 Catfish Pl, Cocoa, FL 32927 a 5 bed, 3 bath, 2,601 Sq. Pick up only.Cash only. Two adult koi angels, $30 for both. XXL Plaeco i think over 30cm $100 If a smaller tank is more your style, you can stock them with small schools of neon tetras, danios, guppies and cory catfish. Red forest jewels x2 6.5cm $45 each or $80 for the pair Size: up to 80cm Huge range of fish tanks. Random size vary from 2_3cm from different parents. 1-Albino eye biter 11cm $200 Male Compare. - food True parrot 22cm $120 Creating a balanced ecosystem is very important for the health of your pond or lake. Our catfish are naturally raised in North Carolina each catfish fillet cooks up mild, flaky and white. 1-Chilotilapia euchilus 12cm $300 Male Find Dogs, Puppies, Cats, most popular pet advertising site for pedigree and non pedigree dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other pets. Guppies They are 3-3.5cm. Add to Wish List. BUTTERFLY CLOWN PLECO L 168 GERMAN BRED 6 cm $149.95. Buy fish online from Coburg Aquarium Online! Great for fry fish of all kinds Jack Dempseys juveniles/adults $17.95 Flat RateFree Shipping for Orders Above $149. Shrimp All grades $1 each The Catfish has always enjoyed bringing new beer to people. Selling due to no longer having the time to look after them- would like them to go to a good home, inquiries welcome :) Fish include a range of cichlids in various colours, an albino plecho, silver dollars and various catfish include driftwood, bristlenose and upside down. Whiptail catfish 7cm $34.95. Vieja Zonata juveniles coming soon Electric Blue acara breeding pair If interested send me SMS, I may take some time to reply. Add To Cart. Demasoni 5cm $40 Also have assorted catfish and community fish available. Festae Cichlids Add to Wish List. Our Catfish are packed carefully and delivered direct to … Best Catfish in Melbourne, Victoria: Find 2,561 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of THE BEST Catfish and search by price, location, and more. Vieja zonatus 15cm $65 2898 Pineapple Ave , Melbourne, FL 32935-6207 is currently not for sale. Fish delivered may be different in appearance to the website photo (including colour) based on natural variation, age, stress, gender, etc. 1 x comet ASSORTED FISH- catfish, cichlids, pleco, silver dollars, etc. 383 Catfish Pl , Cocoa, FL 32927 is currently not for sale. Guppies 2-3 starting $3 1-Red jewel 8cm $30 Unsex Selling all together only- no exceptions! Available package size of I find them great to hold catfish fry or to house few catfish ready to sell or ship.

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