Pamela in the studioPainter/printmaker, Pamela Wallace, grew up in urban Minneapolis with frequent visits to rural Wisconsin where she acquired a life-long affinity for nature and interest in organic systems. Following an initial career in medicine, she completed a BA equivalent in studio art. Her background in science and exploration of the natural world reveals itself in her imagery, attention to detail, and joy of process.

An accomplished printmaker, she began combining collagraph prints with beeswax in 2005. Painting and experimentation with wax-based mediums predominate in her current studio practice. She appreciates the range of techniques and the dichotomy of control and chance that working with wax affords.

Pamela’s encaustic/collagraph works and paintings have been exhibited in solo and group shows nationwide. She has been honored with a fellowship to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, presented at the International Encaustic Conference, and conducted workshops in Virginia and the Truro Center for the arts at Castle Hill in Massachusetts. Heat and Light – Encaustic Paintings by Pamela W. Wallace published in 2011 includes an eloquent forward by Edward S. Casey, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at SUNY, Stony Brook.